Massage Chair Relief

Massage Chair Relief

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Massage Chair Relief is one of the very few companies licensed by us as a Furniture For Life Authorized Online Gallery. This web merchant’s business practices, honesty, and reliability have earned them the ability to operate as a Furniture For Life Authorized Online Gallery.

They are also (in our judgment) one of the standard-bearers of the online space. We have been very selective in our choice of e-commerce partners. Massage Chair Relief merits their special status with us because they meet and adhere to high standards and practices in the following ways:

  • Exhibiting a heartfelt and human connection to the needs and wants of customers, especially as it relates to matters of health and comfort
  • Having a long demonstrated history of providing accurate and clear online product information to customers
  • Product experts who communicate accurate and clear information to customers
  • Deep familiarity with massage chairs and the benefits that come with the regular use of high-quality massage chairs
  • Commitment to a high degree of integrity reflected in clear and fair policies
  • A proven history of honoring promises and fulfilling all commitments and representations
  • Embodying integrity and acting in good faith to do what is reasonably expected by customers
  • Exhibiting a consistent willingness to go above and beyond in matters of customer service
  • Lastly, consistently demonstrating a set of behaviors and standards that set Massage Chair Relief apart from other e-commerce companies.

Above all, we encourage consumers to trust Massage Chair Relief as much as we trust them to represent all our products. The full collection of products from FFL Brands can be found on their website:

Massage Chair Relief - Store Owner
Dr. Alan Weidner

About Massage Chair Relief

Massage Chair Relief is the brainchild of Dr. Alan Weidner. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Weidner immigrated with his family to the USA in 1988 to pursue his chiropractic education. Dr. Weidner is a 1991 summa cum laude graduate of the Southern California University of Health Sciences (formerly known as Los Angeles College of Chiropractic). He started his own practice in Taylorsville, UT in 1992 and became a US citizen in 1995.

Subsequently, Dr. Weidner became familiar with massage chair therapy while in private practice. Eventually adding a massage chair to his clinic as an adjunct therapy for his patients. In 2005, while still in private practice, and armed with his thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system, he started and began educating the public about the health benefits of massage chairs, while at the same time retailing Panasonic and other massage chair brands through his site. The industry has grown exponentially since that time, in both models and retailers.

In 2008, he sold his practice to devote himself full-time to the massage chair industry. Among the most recognizable and trusted experts in the industry today, Dr. Weidner is still very actively engaged in promoting massage chairs through quality content education, in both video and written formats, as well as progressively innovating for the massage chair retail industry as a whole.