Positive Posture Vaya




Introducing an office chair unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Arising from the same heritage as the greatest sports cars on earth, Vaya is perfectly engineered to maximize your comfort as it adjusts to your every movement. The same designer responsible for Enzo Ferrari and the new-generation Maserati has devoted his attention to building a new kind of chair with unparalleled precision. Vaya is honored to be a 2016 Edward Haimsohn Design Award Finalist from Contemporary Design Group.


Maximum ergonomic comfort

Adjustable lumbar support system for hours of seated comfort

Shock-absorbing backrest

Adjustable headrest provides maximum support and comfort

Adjustable seat

Adapts to all body types

Intuitive controls that can be easily adjusted while seated

Fully adjustable armrests

Proprietary mesh for breathability and support

Tension controls

Larger casters allow chair to glide smoothly across all flooring types


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