Massage Chair Holiday Delivery FAQ

Massage Chair Holiday Delivery FAQs

Will it take longer to have a massage chair delivered to me this Holiday season?

If you order a massage chair from any online retailer, the short answer is yes. There are major domestic and international supply chain and transportation issues affecting all massage chair e-commerce retailers (and for that matter, e-commerce retailers of all kinds, including companies like Amazon and Walmart). 

Most massage chairs are made in Asia, and because of container shortages and delays at ports, it is taking longer for massage chairs to get to the United States. If you purchase a massage chair that is backordered, it could take several weeks, or even months, for it to arrive in the US.

Once your chair arrives in the US, the shortage of truck drivers means it will take longer for it to get from the warehouse to your city. Then, if you are receiving white glove installation, there may be a delay before your white glove agent can deliver it to your home.

Can I still get a massage chair in time for Christmas?

At this point, we cannot guarantee delivery of any massage chairs ordered through our website by Christmas, and you should be suspicious of any websites that claim they can.

But many of our Furniture For Life stores and galleries carry local inventories of massage chairs and offer their own delivery services, so they circumvent all the transportation and delivery delays, allowing them to offer full white glove installation before Christmas for in-stock massage chairs.

If you live in or near one of the cities below, Call, Chat, or email, and we will put you directly in contact with your local store or gallery to discuss what chairs are available for Christmas delivery: 

Los Angeles; the San Francisco Bay Area; Portland; Denver; Orlando; Tampa; Las Vegas; Sioux Falls; and Dallas-Fort Worth.

What is White Glove Installation?

White glove installation (also called white glove delivery or full-service delivery) means that a certified installer will deliver your massage chair to your home, place it in a location of your choice, and completely assemble your chair. It does not require you to carry your chair into your home or assemble it yourself. We offer free white glove installation with most of our massage chairs, but because of transportation delays, we cannot guarantee white glove delivery and installation by Christmas for massage chairs ordered through our website.

But if you live near one of our Furniture For Life stores or galleries, they may still be able to offer white glove installation of in-stock models before Christmas. See the section above titled Can I still get a massage chair in time for Christmas?.

From everyone at Furniture For Life, we wish you a happy, relaxing, and comfortable 2021 Holiday season!