How a Heated Chair Can Help Relieve Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, you have probably been willing to try anything to find relief. Minor solutions are available, from seeing a chiropractor to intense stretching exercises. But an option that may not occur to everybody is using a heated chair.

Heat therapy is an effective way to reduce pain and increase blood flow, which then helps muscle healing. Heat therapy can provide total comfort and makes back pain relief easy and passive. Many different heated chair models are available, all offering unique benefits. We’d like to share this information, so you know about the benefits and varieties of heated chairs.

Heated Recliners Provide Heat Therapy

Heated recliners offer total passive comfort and back pain relief. This relief is because heated recliners allow you to relax comfortably in a restful position while applying heat therapy. Simply turn on your heat settings, lay back, and relax while your heated recliner does all the work.

Heat therapy and heated recliners work in a couple of ways. First, the heat dampens the pain signals to your brain from the sore area. Second, when heat is applied, blood flow to that area is increased, which helps muscle recovery. A heated therapeutic chair, especially a heated recliner, enables you to maintain a relaxed and healing posture while heat is applied. Other options, like a heating pad, require you to remain stationary in a specific position to receive heat. But a heated recliner simply envelopes you in warmth while you rest.

High-quality heat therapy models like the Positive Posture Cafe+ and Positive Posture Luma also offer several other advanced features. The Luma power lift chair has an electrical lifting mechanism to assist with sitting and standing with comfort, security, and ease. Both of these luxury models provide zero gravity reclining, which helps to reduce blood pressure and encourage healing. These high-end models also offer memory foam seating to provide better lumbar support and posture. Additionally, with their stylish and elegant designs, these heated recliners will look great in any room.

Heated recliners are already an extremely comfortable furniture item. A recliner with heat therapy provides even greater comfort and relief for aching back and shoulder muscles.

Heated Massage Chair

If you thought a heated recliner sounded elegant, wait until you try a heated massage chair. However, a massage chair with heat will be a bit more expensive than a recliner. Massage chairs are certainly worth the price. We have already covered how heat therapy offers pain relief and aids muscle recovery. Back pain will simply melt away when these features are added to the healing benefits of massage therapy.

heated massage chair rollers

Massage Chair Heating Elements

There are a couple of different ways that massage chair manufacturers can incorporate heater elements into their designs. First, some models will use heated massage rollers to apply heat directly to crucial tension areas. Models like the MAJ7 from Panasonic use heated rollers in addition to other massage features to better relieve tense or tight muscles. Other heated massage chair models are equipped with heater elements in the seats, just like the heated recliners mentioned above. Models like the D.Core Cirrus and Stratus include this feature. With heated seats, heated massage chairs can provide full-body relaxation for an extra soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Another reason why a heated massage chair is good is that it loosens the muscles with heat while the massage releases tension. Anyone who has used a heated massage chair can attest that using heat and massage together is the best combo.

Here is why a heated massage chair is more effective than massage alone:

  • A heated massage chair can have different settings from high to low heat
  • You can also use other settings on a heated massage chair for the intensity of the massage
  • You may use the timer on the heated massage chair, so you can just set the alarm and relax
  • A heated massage chair is an excellent way to relieve cold-weather aches and pains

There are also heated massage chair models, like the OHCO M.8, which utilize both heated seats and heated rollers. This combination allows users to customize their massage experience or enjoy the best of both worlds.

It’s somewhat ironic that the definition of the term “hot seat” originates in capital punishment. These days, using a hot seat on a troubled back is far from punishment for the relief it gives.

More Information on Heated Chairs

To learn more about massage chairs or other therapeutic furniture, visit our Learning Center. Also, browse our selections of heated recliners and heated massage chairs to find your ideal back pain relief chair.

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