MAJ7 Real Pro ULTRA™ Massage Chair


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As much as the chair looks every bit the part of an opulent experience, the richness of the MAJ7 is more than skin deep. Under the luxury automobile inspired cross stitching, lies the advanced precision technology that drives the MAJ7. It is what allows the chair to bring you clear-minded revitalization and complete escape.

When you own the MAJ7, these rarest of joys are yours whenever you desire.

The MAJ7 contains the latest generation of the Real Pro Ultra taking the hallmarks of power and refinement and pushing them further still. Thoughtful enough to detect tension in your muscles and continue to sense your body’s pressure at a rate of 100 times per second, Real Pro Ultra allows the MAJ7 to adjust the massage and provide the best experience for you.

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Weight 217 lbs

Beige Synthetic Leather, Black Synthetic Leather, Brown Synthetic Leather


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