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Kneeling Chairs

Improve your comfort by using a kneeling chair when working at your desk or in front of a computer. The more time you spend sitting in front of a computer, the more you’re likely to experience lower back and neck pains. So, as much as conventional chairs, where you sit at a 90-degree inclination, are still the most popular, you should consider using ergonomic kneeling chairs for a change.

What’s the History of Posture Chairs?

Hans Christian Mengshoel invented the first kneeling chair in 1979. Variable™ was one of the first prototypes made of wood. Currently, you can find various posture chairs made of metal frames.  Many with modified components such as armrests for added comfort.

The posture chair’s main purpose is to eliminate lower back pain.  Since it divides the burden of your weight between the buttocks and the shins. Researchers such as Hans realized that when a person is seated at a working position, they can only bend 60-degrees at the hip joint. The rest of the movements come from the lower back.  Which goes against a person’s natural curve.  Resulting in excess pressure in the lower back, thus the back pains.

The kneeling chairs create an open body angle such that your body shifts forward while the shin rests, taking off pressure from your bottom and back while you sit. These seats have various benefits and drawbacks.

Why Should You Use Posture Chairs?

Kneeling chairs offer you various benefits such as:

  • Posture Improvement
    With posture chairs, the spine is aligned correctly due to the pelvis tilting forward. In addition, your breathing and digestion get improved since the pelvis is in an open position forcing the internal abdomen organs to cope with less compression.
  • Pain Relief
    Pain can be quite frustrating, affecting your focus and concentration. With ergonomic kneeling chairs, your spine gets aligned correctly, and your weight distributed evenly, thus reducing back pain. Also, your blood circulates properly, carrying oxygen and nutrients needed for the brain, keeping your energy levels in check.
  • Core Muscles Improvement
    The more you use your posture chair, the more your muscles and core get strengthened. This is mainly because you constantly engage your abdominal muscles and back, given that there is no backrest to support your weight.
  • Improves Your Comfort
    Most posture chairs have an adjustment allowance that lets you adjust the angle of the slope and the height of the seat. This means that you can control the pressure on the shin, thus more comfortable.

Considerations of a Kneeling Chair

Despite the multitude of pros of a posture or kneeling chair, here are also a few cons:

  • Pressure applied on the shins can be painful over time
  • Sitting and getting up quickly can be pretty challenging
  • Your leg movements are limited when sitting on a posture chair, which may be uncomfortable
  • With hours of prolonged use, blood circulation to the legs may get affected

However, you can reduce the negative effects of a kneeling chair by interchanging it with a regular chair from time to time. That way, your legs can move around more, thus better blood circulation. Also, avoid sitting for too long without taking breaks. Consider getting up and moving around after every 45 minutes to stretch your body.

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