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OHCO Massage Chairs
OHCO Massage Chairs
OHCO M.8 LE Massage Chair

OHCO Massage Chairs

Give yourself a truly transcendent massage chair experience. OHCO represents the pinnacle of massage chair form and function, blending stunning design and sophisticated engineering to help you reach almost mystical levels of relaxation, healing and pleasure.

When people who understand massage chairs envision the height of luxury and elegance, OHCO immediately and vividly comes to mind.

OHCO Massage Chair Features

Without question, OHCO massage chairs are in the upper echelon of premium products in the global massage chair industry. With a look inspired by the most famous living Japanese designer, Ken Okuyama. OHCO brings beauty, luxury, exceptional comfort, and superior massage functionality into your home.

No other massage chairs in the world are crafted with the care and attention to detail that you find in the OHCO massage chair lineup. For instance, the M-Series (comprising the OHCO M.8LE, OHCO M.8, and OHCO M.DX) took nearly three years of non-stop development to bring to market.

As a result, the moment you sit in an OHCO massage chair, you can feel all the time and attention that went into the development process. And it becomes even clearer when you select a massage program, close your eyes, and let the chair take over.

Both consumers and industry professionals have that experience. That’s why reviewers have showered the M-Series with more awards and accolades than any other massage chairs ever made.

OHCO Massage Chairs: Creative Thinking Meets Advanced Technology

Technology, and the thinking behind it, are at the core of all OHCO massage chairs. The result is a massage chair line that will transform your entire state of being—setting your mind adrift, easing your breathing, and taking you to a place of deepest peace and transcendent relaxation.

In addition to the basic tapping, kneading, and rolling movements you find in most premium chairs, the OHCO’s back massage mechanism uses advanced algorithms to mimic the hands of a skilled Shiatsu massage therapist. That includes motor speeds that vary from fast to ultra-slow. A focus on how massages are supposed to unfold deepens the human-like qualities of all OHCO massage chairs.

The Man Behind OHCO Massage Chairs

We’ve heard people call OHCO the “Ken Okuyama massage chair.” Indeed, Ken Okuyama has been at the center of the aesthetic design effort. In fact, every OHCO massage chair bears a tasteful nameplate with his signature. It’s no exaggeration to say that Ken Okuyama is the highest-profile designer to ever develop a massage chair.

The OHCO development story does not end there, however. The stunning visual presence of every OHCO product is paired with exquisite massage sensations. The movements, rhythms, and pressures provided by these chairs are no accident. World-renowned Japanese Shiatsu master, sensei Akira Okabayashi, was instrumental in developing the OHCO choreography. Within these detailed routines lies the quiet magic and majesty of OHCO massage chairs.

Two global icons— the designer Okuyama and the Shiatsu master Okabayashi — worked in concert with a design and engineering team in Boulder, Colorado, to develop the most heralded and influential massage chairs on the global market.

How OHCO Massage Chairs Work

Here are just a few ways that OHCO technology offers unparalleled, holistic massage treatment.

  • Air cells thoughtfully placed throughout the chair stimulate circulation and release muscle tension in your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, fingers, neck, and shoulders.
  • Carefully choreographed, two-way foot rollers gently work pressure points on the soles of your tired feet.
  • The proprietary OHCO M-Series headrest relieves pressure on your cervical spine with the gentle “traction” of air-driven neck stretching. Mechanical rollers then work and knead the muscles in the back of your neck for gentle relief and improved neck mobility.
  • Zero gravity and lay-flat recline options improve circulation, help increase lung capacity, and gently decompress the lumbar spine.

In the embrace of an OHCO massage chair, you’ll discover an unexpected and unforgettable sensory experience. Every OHCO massage chair represents a standard of artistry and excellence unrivaled by any other massage chair brand.

High Praise From an OHCO Massage Chair Owner

We never want Furniture For Life customers to “take our word for it.” Instead, we encourage you to do some online research, check out OHCO massage chair reviews, and visit one of our locations to try models like the OHCO m.8 massage chair and the OHCO m.dx 4d massage chair.

We also invite you to read quotes from Furniture For Life Customers, like this one from an OHCO massage chair owner:

“This has been the greatest purchase I’ve ever made, I have bad neck problems and when I saw this had the neck rollers in the head rest I was already sold. I feel so much better now that I have been using it and I’m sleeping a lot better!”

If the result of your research leaves you wanting an OHCO massage chair—and we think it will!—we’re happy to help you acquire this life-changing home furnishing.

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OHCO M.8 Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 NEO LE Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 NEO Massage Chair
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