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Zero-Gravity Recliners

Our zero-gravity recliners relieve muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue, improve blood flow, and help expand lung capacity.  Allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing for improved circulation and blood-oxygen levels.  With therapeutic heat included, you will enjoy even more benefits as your heated zero-gravity recliner soothes tight muscles, easing tension and warming your core.

From NASA’s labs to your living room, the health benefits of zero-gravity recliners are well-documented.  In this ergonomic posture, the legs are raised above the heart.  Relieving weight from the spine and allowing your body to relax into a seemingly weightless posture.

As if floating in space, your vertebrae naturally decompress, relieving back pain.  For sports and outdoor enthusiasts, active seniors, and anyone living with stress and chronic lumbar pain, the zero-gravity position is like magic.

Some of us don’t have room for a premium massage chair.  However, we imagine having a zero-gravity chair or a power lift chair recliner close at hand—right in our living room, for easy access and frequent use.  The best choice?  One of our powered zero-gravity recliners.

The best power recliners for low back pain also offer a separately controlled leg rest.  This helps you configure your recliner in a way that best alleviates pressure on the spine.  Increasing the space between vertebrae for relief from chronic low back pain, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica.

We think that any model you choose from our collection of Positive Posture zero-gravity recliners will immediately be the best seat in the house.

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Gravity™ balans®
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Positive Posture Café+ Recliner
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Positive Posture Luma with Lift Assist
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