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Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

When it comes to massage chairs, the terms zero gravity, 0-gravity, anti-gravity, and neutral-posture. all mean the same thing. Are some zero gravity massage chairs more faithful to the position than others? You bet! The best massage chair brands take this claim very seriously.

If you’ve experienced that wonderful feeling of weightlessness when you lie back in a pool or a hot tub, your body knows what the zero gravity posture is all about. No, you aren’t technically floating in space, but you feel a deep relaxation that is both psychological and physiological.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

In this natural reclining posture—one your body instinctively understands as healing—your weight is distributed evenly, and your spine is relieved of body weight. The legs-­above-­heart position of zero gravity chairs reduces the strain on your heart, allowing it to pump energizing oxygen through the body more efficiently. It also provides relief to tired, sore muscles, as well as reducing the effects of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, varicose veins, and edema. As your body experiences this relief, you can rest, relax, and truly heal.

You may have heard that the zero gravity position in a massage chair was inspired by NASA, or that it’s the position that astronauts sit in before take-off. That is partially accurate. NASA’s investigations into body posture began with Skylab in the 1980s, long after the seminal Mercury and Gemini missions and the Apollo lunar missions.

The Skylab video analyses formed the basis of what is today known as “neutral body posture.” So, if you’re lying completely flat, that is not “zero-G.” Quite simply, “zero gravity posture” refers to what our bodies do when relaxed in a weightless environment.

You might have noticed that your body takes this position when you’re submerged in water and totally relaxed. It’s also the position a fetus takes in the womb. It’s the most natural and relaxing body position for humans.

So, thanks to NASA, you can now enjoy the benefit of full-body massage chairs in zero gravity.

What is Zero-G in a Massage Chair?

Many brands claim to offer zero gravity massage chairs. Unfortunately, not all of the claims are made by companies that are serious about massage chairs. We think this description of the zero gravity position may help you navigate the multitude of massage chair claims and ads and find the best full-body zero gravity massage chair with zero gravity characteristics.

For the name to be accurate, a zero gravity massage chair must have the following attributes:

  • The backrest must be capable of a deep recline position that places your spine almost parallel to the floor. For comparison, most ordinary recliners lean back about 60 degrees. A majority of companies describe this as a deep recline. In the world of zero gravity designs, it is not. To make a legitimate zero gravity claim, recline angles must be able to go from the upright posture to about 90-degrees of recline. This deep recline is essential if the chair is to get your legs even with or above your heart. The ability to do this is the next requirement we’ll stress.
  • A zero gravity massage chair must be able to get the user’s legs (and feet) even with or above the level of their heart. Only in this position can a user enjoy the circulatory benefits of the zero gravity posture. In some instances, the footrest or ottoman design of a zero-g massage chair is the means by which to raise the legs to the level of (or above) the heart.
  • The angle between the backrest and the seat should be about 115-degrees. In other words, the massage chair should maintain a slightly “open” posture between your legs and your torso. Almost all zero gravity full-body massage chair designs have a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest. A very few—the OHCO M-Series chairs are examples—can vary the seat-to-back angle and offer users additional benefits and flexibility.

Today’s Zero-G Chair Technology

The first 0-gravity, full-body massage chair available in the U.S. came out in 2004. The technology back then was primitive, difficult, and clunky. Today, many massage chairs are zero-G and the technology has improved considerably.

Terms you’re likely to hear include 3-D zero gravity massage chairs, 4-D zero gravity massage chairs, heated zero gravity massage chairs, anti-gravity massage chairs, Shiatsu zero-G massage chairs, and wall-hugging zero gravity massage chairs.

The Furniture For Life Ethos

Our Comfort Consultants are dedicated to helping you find the best zero gravity massage chair for your needs from a selection that meets all the above criteria for zero gravity.

Furniture For Life works with multiple massage chair manufacturers and offers a wide variety of models. We want to ensure you find a zero gravity massage chair that’s everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Most zero-G chairs offer full-body and Shiatsu massage, and many are heated massage chairs that enhance the overall sense of relaxation you feel.

It’s easy to get lost in zero gravity! So, let us guide you to your perfect chair.

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D.Core 2 Massage Chair
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D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair
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Katana 700 Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 NEO LE Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 NEO Massage Chair
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OHCO R.6 Massage Chair
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Positive Posture Brio Sport Massage Chair
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Positive Posture Brio+ Massage Chair
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Positive Posture Sōl Massage Chair
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