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Reclining Massage Chairs

Life today can be physically and emotionally stressful. Time spent in a reclining massage chair is a perfect way to kick back —literally— and unwind after a long day. In a matter of minutes, your reclining therapy chair can provide an expert in-home massage that puts all of the day’s challenges behind you. It is also a great way to start a busy day—with your body and mind both relaxed and energized.

The latest technology in reclining massage chairs offers you an array of comfortable positions and expert bodywork at the touch of a remote.


Massage Recliners

The automatic reclining function available in many massage chair models provides tailored comfort for any user. In some, the seat’s back can be reclined up to 160 degrees. The best massage reclining chairs also offer a leg rest that can be separately adjusted up to 80 degrees, allowing you to configure your recline to alleviate pressure from the spine. This increases the space between vertebrae for relief from chronic low back pain.

A zero gravity recliner massage chair promotes health and wellness in ways no ordinary reclining chair can. In that natural reclined posture, your weight is distributed evenly, and your spine is relieved of it. The legs-­above-­heart position of zero gravity also reduces the strain on your heart. That means it can pump energizing oxygen and nutrients more efficiently through your body. This provides relief to tired, sore muscles, and reduces the effects of conditions like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, diabetes, varicose veins, and edema.

When you start using a reclining therapy chair regularly, your body will thank you—and your physician may have positive feedback at your next physical, too!

Reclining Massage Chair Features

Reclining massage chairs often offer infrared heat therapy. The combination of a reclining position, expert massage, and relaxing warmth is something you have to experience to believe!

The best massage chair models also offer an array of high-end additional features and capabilities from Shiatsu Massage to Bluetooth Audio Immersion. In other words, these are not your grandfather’s recliners! Advanced reclining massage chairs offer features and functions that address virtually every aspect of the user experience.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Reclining Massage Chairs

When you own a reclining massage chair, you enjoy many benefits including:

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Accelerated post-workout recovery
  • General overall wellness

And importantly, you get these benefits in the comfort of your own home. No scheduling time with a massage therapist. No travel to and from appointments. Whenever you have the time and desire for a thorough, expert, full-body massage, your chair is waiting for you. That is if no one else in your household is enjoying a session!

Precise Choreography: The Key to an Outstanding Massage

If you’ve had sessions with a massage therapist, you understand that the way they knead, rub, roll, and stretch your muscles isn’t random. Each movement is performed to achieve a specific goal in the context of the overall session. Significant thought and practice goes into delivering the perfect massage.

The best reclining massage chairs use that same approach. Top manufacturers work with experienced massage therapists to replicate what they do with their hands using the chairs’ various components. Those routines are captured, down to the smallest details, in programs stored in a reclining massage chair’s “brain.” So, when you enjoy a session, you’re benefiting from the skill and expertise of a massage “master,” faithfully reproduced by your chair’s advanced technology.

Looking for an invigorating massage? Your chair can provide it. Seeking slow, methodical movements to relax your muscles and pamper your body? It’s available at the touch of a button. And the more you get to know your in-home “massage therapist,” the better you become at picking the perfect routine for any need.

An Investment in Enhanced Wellness and Greater Happiness

Reclining massage chairs, including zero gravity recliner massage chairs, are an investment. But when you consider the cost of regular massage therapist fees, travel, and the time those visits take out of your days, the cost of a durable, high-quality massage chair that will serve you for many years is relatively small. So, the ROI on your massage chair purchase is very high.

And that’s just the financial math. It’s impossible to put a price on the improved physical, mental, and emotional health you get from using a reclining therapy chair regularly. Your health is the foundation for enjoying all of life’s pleasures, and having the right massage chair can make it an especially strong foundation!


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