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Japanese Massage Chairs at Furniture For Life

Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese massage chairs have long been the industry standard for quality and comfort. If you are contemplating a purchase, you should consider a massage chair made or designed in Japan.

The premium massage chair market has been shaped by Japanese designers and manufacturers. That includes models like the KOYO 303TS (engineered and built in Japan) and brands like Panasonic (engineered in Japan and manufactured in China) and OHCO. All are recognized worldwide, and that recognition has been enhanced with OHCO’s introduction of the made-in-Japan M-Series massage chair.

Are Japanese-Made Massage Chairs Better?

The Japanese are pioneers and leaders in massage chair technology. The first massage chairs were designed and manufactured in Japan, and the country continues to achieve new breakthroughs. The drive among Japanese massage chair brands to innovate and maintain extremely high standards is strong. In fact, the concept of a medical massage chair was an outgrowth of rules and regulations established decades ago by the Japan Ministry of Health and embraced by these businesses.

The Japanese public is on board, as well. As a result of government involvement, oversight, and endorsement of medical massage chairs, consumer interest in Japanese-made massage chairs in particular has burgeoned to a point where, today, more than 15% of Japanese households own a massage chair, and many more people use them on a regular basis. In Japan, massage chairs are seen as essential tools that provide real health benefits.

Japanese-Brand Massage Chairs: The Pinnacle of Innovation

In Japan, you find the perfect blend of a society that’s tuned in to the benefits of massage and has a manufacturing culture focused on precision. The result is chairs that offer superior massage experiences and reliability. Japanese massage chair owners won’t settle for anything less.

Because of their confidence in their products, Japanese brands typically offer user-friendly warranties, too. If something does go wrong with a product, you have a team that’s ready and eager to make things right. There’s a sense of pride in the Japanese massage chair industry that you don’t see in every manufacturing setting. These organizations and employees want to produce the best massage chairs on the market, and it shows in the results they achieve.

Japanese-Made Massage Chairs in the U.S.

The idea of massage chairs as an essential household medical and health necessity has caught on in the U.S. Today, Americans looking for an effective way to decrease their stress and improve their health often turn to Japanese-made massage chairs or Japanese-engineered massage chairs.

That’s true for many reasons—most notably the incomparable experience when you ease into your chair and out of this world! Japanese massage chairs create a sense of deep relaxation that’s difficult to express in words. You’re more likely to understand it by seeing the look on someone’s face during and after a Japanese massage chair session. It clearly says, “Wow! That is impressive.”

And it’s an experience that transcends all borders and boundaries. People around the world appreciate massage chairs made in Japan. They know from experience that these furnishings can address many conditions that affect health and happiness, including stress, pain, fatigue, and others.

Pick Your Massage Experience

One reason people who own Japanese massage chairs never tire of them is their versatility. Whether you’re looking for shiatsu or Swedish massage, kneading, rolling, or tapping motions, with or without heat, your massage chair can deliver an outstanding experience.

And, of course, you control the intensity of the massage. So, if you want a relaxing, light massage before bedtime, vigorous pressure following a workout, or anything in between, it’s all available at the touch of a button.

Find the Best Japanese Massage Chair for You

If you’re intrigued by the quality and versatility of massage chairs made in Japan, you may wonder, “Which are the best Japanese massage chairs?” It’s crucial to remember that “best” must be assessed from your perspective.

When you visit the Furniture For Life showroom near you, our friendly and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants can talk with you about the reliability and functionality of every model in our curated collection of The World’s Best Massage Chairs®. However, what matters most is how you feel while and after using a particular chair—whether it’s from a Japanese massage chair brand or otherwise.

As an athlete, self-care enthusiast, active senior, or busy professional, you have unique needs and preferences. Let’s say you continually push yourself to achieve peak physical performance and, consequently, frequently have sore muscles from vigorous workouts. You might want a chair with exceptional deep tissue massage capabilities. Or imagine you’re a senior who likes to stay active but has circulatory issues or other health problems. A massage chair that provides gentle, stress-releasing sessions can be a great addition to following your doctor’s advice. It can help you improve your circulation, maintain good range of motion in your limbs and joints, etc.

So, it is essential that you try several massage chairs and, with our guidance and assistance, find the one that fully addresses your wants and needs.

When’s the best time to invest in your health and wellness? Our happy customers would say, “Right now.” Stop by a Furniture For Life showroom today to experience our Japanese massage chairs and models from other manufacturers worldwide.

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D.Core 2 Massage Chair
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D.Core Stratus-JP Massage Chair
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KOYO 303TS Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 NEO LE Massage Chair
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OHCO M.8 NEO Massage Chair
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Panasonic MAF1 Massage Chair
Original price was: $10,000.00.Current price is: $6,999.00.
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Panasonic MAJ7 Massage Chair
Original price was: $12,000.00.Current price is: $9,999.00.
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Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair
Original price was: $15,000.00.Current price is: $12,499.00.
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Panasonic MAN1 Massage Chair
Original price was: $16,000.00.Current price is: $12,999.00.

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