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DCore Cirrus Massage Chair

D.Core Massage Chairs

Get an amazing massage where modern science meets traditional Japanese style and beauty with D.Core massage chairs.

Uniquely Therapeutic Massage Experiences

D.Core (short for “deep core”) massage chairs offer superior design and function. They combine the experience of renowned Japanese massage therapist Dr. Takehiro Izawa with innovative engineering and harmonious, nature-inspired Japanese design found nowhere else in the global massage chair market.

D.Core massage chairs deliver a uniquely therapeutic massage, penetrating deep into muscles to release fascia tissue stuck to muscle fibers, which forms painful nodules. To achieve that goal, all D.Core massaging chair models apply beautifully executed massage movements to your entire body.

And these chairs are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, with clean lines and real black walnut trim that evoke a traditional Japanese sense of beauty that blends artfully into any modern home.

The D.Core Stratus Massage Chair

The D.Core Stratus massage chair sits wonderfully at the intersection of form and function. The Stratus utilizes a patented 3D+ True Shiatsu Action engine and patented forearm Wave Arrays. Those features, combined with heat therapy, air compression, and zero-gravity recline, help ensure the D.Core Stratus provides unrivaled massage therapy.

And, as expected with all D.Core massage models, this chair features gorgeous real black walnut trim and a nature-inspired Japanese design that imbues any room in the house with tranquility and organic elegance.

The D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair

The D.Core Cirrus massage chair is our top trim D.Core model. It features patented True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays that provide a more life-like and therapeutic massage than any other chair on the market. The Cirrus massage recliner cradles you in a zero gravity position, helping alleviate pressure and encouraging blood flow. The back heating in the Cirrus model soothes and loosens tense muscles. As it does, it allows the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to provide an even deeper and more therapeutic massage.

De-stress With a D.Core Massage Chair

In today’s world, the relentless pursuit of perfection in all things—possessions, relationships, achievements, etc.—often leads to stress, anxiety, and depression. The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, embodied in D.Core massage chairs, invites a pause in those pursuits.

It’s a world view centered on the “perfection of imperfection,” and it encourages us to focus on the blessings hiding in plain sight in our daily lives and celebrate the way things are rather than how we feel they should be.

D.Core’s chairman, Soschu Inada, reinterprets modern technology through a wabi-sabi lens to create luxurious, traditional beauty in harmony with nature. It’s a sensuous mood unique to Japan and one that you should experience.

Moved by a D.Core Massage Chair

What’s it like to sit in a massage chair that provides just the right amount of pressure to untie knotted muscles and create much-needed relaxation? One D.Core massage chair owner describes it this way:

“After searching for years for the right massage chair, I’m so happy I finally found this one. It’s intense enough that it goes beyond the surface to pinpoint muscles that even some massage therapists haven’t been able to access. At the same time, it’s incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. It looks great too.”

D.Core is known for its expertise at finding the “sweet spot” when it comes to massage pressure. But will you enjoy a session in a D.Core Cirrus or other model? The best way (and really the only way) to find out is to visit a Furniture For Life location and try one.

All the well-deserved praise heaped on D.Core massage chairs is just words until you feel the chair working its magic on your tight and sore muscles. Then, when the compliments are coming from your lips, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect chair for you and your family!

An Investment That Produces an Impressive Return

No doubt about it: Luxury massage chairs are an investment. But when you consider what you would pay for frequent bodywork from a skilled massage therapist (including the fees, travel to and from appointments, etc.), the cost is quite reasonable.

And when you envision a life with fewer aches and pains, less stress, better sleep, and enhanced overall wellness, it’s clear that the ROI from a massage chair purchase is impressive!

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D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair
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