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What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massage originated in Japan, but employs some facets of traditional Chinese medicine. The focus of Shiatsu is to realign the body’s qi (chi). As the theory goes, when the energy within the body is “blocked” or “obstructed,” a person begins to experience pain and discomfort. By focusing on the body’s pressure points, the qi can be put back into alignment, thus removing the pain.

The Technique

The word “shiatsu” translates to “finger pressure” in English, and that is exactly what this type of massage utilizes. By using fingers, palms, and elbows, the massage therapist applies pressure to the specific pressure points and works on relieving pain and restoring balance to the body. By moving across the surface of the body to the joints and limbs, the aim is to promote healing and remove any pain that the client is feeling. If you’ve ever received a Shiatsu massage from a therapist, then you know how beneficial it can be. Unlike Swedish massage, Shiatsu applies more pressure on the muscles, which can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but once the knots are worked out, you can end up feeling much better. The “kneading” sensation that Shiatsu provides has been integrated into our massage chairs.

The Benefits of Shiatsu

There have been many benefits from Shiatsu that have been observed over the years. Those who always feel tired or fatigued can experience rejuvenation after experiencing a Shiatsu massage. If someone is suffering from poor circulation, he or she can restore proper blood flow to their muscles and joints. If you’ve been injured while running or hiking, a full-body Shiatsu massage can do wonders for your recovery. So there you go, a quick rundown of Shiatsu massage. The only thing you need to do now is go experience it in person!

View all of our Shiatsu massage chairs here

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How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

how much are massage chairs

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost? 

A massage chair is a significant purchase, and you may ask yourself, “Is a massage chair worth it?”  Of course, it helps to be sure you’ve done your homework before you lay down the payment. That said, a massage chair is an economical investment. Let’s run some numbers to determine the real cost and value of a luxury massage chair.

What Are You Paying for Massage?

If you are accustomed to a weekly massage, and you maybe visit the chiropractor and/or physical therapist every month—which is to say, if you are accustomed to paying for the care and maintenance of your one-and-only body—then you are used to spending $100 to $150 a week (and maybe more depending on where you live) for these services.

At 52 weeks, that puts your expenses at $5,000 to $8,000 per year. Now maybe you don’t go that often. Still, the outlay probably surprises you, even if you are in the habit of paying for it. A top-quality massage chair with the best options and features available will run you $6,000 to $10,000. So, in a little over a year, even the top-of-the-line chair will have paid for itself. 

Cost vs. Value

 When you consider the value of the chair, in addition to cost, it gets even better. Your massage chair is available 24/7, year-round. Even on weekends or at midnight, your “therapist” is waiting for you. And you spend zero time and nothing on gas or wear-and-tear on your automobile getting to your massage chair. Those costs make your massage chair an even better investment.

Keep this  in mind as well: With massage, as with so many things, frequency matters. Just as you wouldn’t exercise once a week and expect to see great results, massage once per month or even once per week is far less effective than more regular intervals of sessions. Most people would choose to see their therapist far more often if it were more cost effective, convenient and, and less of a demand on time. A good massage chair checks all of these boxes.

Other “Value” Considerations

Other value items are the warranty from top manufacturers and the financing we can offer. We offer a 90-day, risk-free in-home trial, a free 5-year extended warranty, and free delivery on all our chairs. Your initial outlay won’t break the bank, and you’ll have the assurance of a dependable and durable product.

If you’ve never had a massage in your life, well then, you have different metrics. But with a combination of air-cells, stretching movements and mechanisms working at the same time and in concert with one another vs. two hands from a therapist, a chair can cover more real-estate in a shorter period of time. Perfect for those times when you are in a rush. By any measure,  a luxury massage chair is a great investment in your health.

And There Are Great Financing Options Too

For far less than the out-of-pocket costs of visits to massage therapists or other bodywork professionals, you can have a massage chair in your living room…or den…or (better yet) your bedroom. 

Even the very, very top massage chairs will cost you less than $200 per month if you qualify for one of our massage chair financing programs. Best off all, most financing programs are offered at ZERO COST to you For more information, we suggest that you visit our financing page here.

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Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese massage chairs have long been the industry standard. If you are contemplating a purchase, a made-in-Japan massage chair should be considered. 

The first massage chairs were made in Japan, so the culture created around quality massage chairs started and centers in Japan. In fact, the whole notion of a medical massage chair was an outgrowth of rules and regulations established decades ago by the Japan Ministry of Health. With this government involvement, oversight, and endorsement of the concept of a medical massage chair, public interest burgeoned to a point where more than  15% of Japanese households own a massage chair. In Japan,  made-in-Japan medical massage chairs are viewed as essential tools that provide real health benefits. 

Japanese brands like Panasonic and OHCO are already recognized worldwide, and the premium massage chair market has been shaped by Japanese brands and Japanese manufacturers. With the introduction by OHCO of the made-in-Japan M-Series massage chair, they now set the standard as the global leader in the massage chair industry. 

What makes Japanese made massage chairs better? Innovation and high standards for quality and performance are driven by demanding consumers, competition for Japanese market share, and stringent regulations. One way to understand why massage chairs made in Japan are so highly regarded inside and outside the industry is to understand how the nature of the Japanese market has shaped the chairs that are made in Japan – OHCO is an example – and the brands that originated in Japan – Panasonic is an example. 

In Japan you find the perfect blend of a society that’s tuned into the benefits of massage with a manufacturing culture focused on precision. This culminates in Japanese  chairs that are innovative, offer superior massage sensations, and are durable and dependable. Japanese manufacturers typically offer user-friendly warranties, too, so if something does go wrong, you have a team at your back. 

Massage chairs as an essential household medical and health necessity is a concept beginning to take hold in the US, but in Japan, it has been common sense for decades. If you’re interested in products certified by the Japan Ministry of Health as medical massage chairs, you can explore the offerings from Panasonic and the OHCO M.Series models that are made in Japan. For now, Japanese-made massage chairs (or chairs made by Japanese brands like Panasonic) are the market leaders in Japan, the US, and around the world.

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A whole lot of people are now using free online photo editing software to improve the looks of their photos and create dramatic results and photographs. Many people want to utilize the very best photo editing applications to enhance the product quality and appearance of the photos, in addition to enhance the design and appearance in their Continue reading The Most Effective Free Online Photo Editor

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If you’re looking for ways about how to secure better terms for the cheap essay writer term papers available, then you’re in the perfect place. Getting the best possible terms can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. That is why I’m going to talk to you a quite productive way about the best Continue reading Get a Better Term Papers For Sale – The Way To Get Improved Terms For Your Term Papers For Sale

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Inada Massage Chair Reviews

Testimonials from our happy Furniture for Life Inada Massage Chair Owners


I use my Inada massage chair every night after my shower. It’s unbelievably relaxing and rejuvenating.

Linda Baker


Just want to let you know what a positive difference our Yu•Me massage chair has made to our family’s well-being, especially evident this past week.

First, having “the chair” in our living room is definitely helping me make healthier choices late at night. More and more, I find I’ll enjoy master shiatsu instead of going out for a smoke or raiding the fridge.

Claire Z. – Hamburg, NY


Instead of having the typical waiting room chair, we have an Inada massage chair. My patients love it because the chair is comfortable, very easy to use, stimulating, and invigorating. The chair hones in on the areas of stress. I am very pleased with my Inada chair. I really love it!

Dr. Mary-Anne Shiozawa – NY


I’ve used other massage chairs before, but Inada is by far the best massage chair I have ever been in.

Tom Poe


Our new Inada massage chair is an amazing addition to our home. It reduces tension and stress for us … and for our guests too. We use it often!

M.G. – Manhattan Beach, CA


After purchasing the chair each massage thereafter has been both therapeutic and relaxing. For example, every evening I run the “Sleep” massage that gently but thoroughly puts pressure on each side of my body and stretches both my shoulders and neck. Thereafter I sleep so soundly that my typical wake-up of three to four times a night is completely eliminated. I literally sleep like a baby again.

Anthony G. – Santa Fe, NM


It’s a great experience to come home to my chair after a hard day. It’s the first thing I do after I enter my house!

S.B. – Sonoma, CA


Our neighbors used our Inada chair and liked it so much that they ordered one for themselves the very next day. The chair is so wonderful for soothing sore muscles, as well as just relaxing. In my opinion, it is the best massage chair.

L.P. – Woodcliff Lake, NJ


Wow! I went to Relax The Back to buy something and I tried all the chairs for fun. Just try the Dreamwave massage chair – that is all I can say. I will save up and buy this chair even if it takes me years. I take everyone I know there just to try it. I can’t believe anyone with the means to buy this chair doesn’t own one. JUST TRY IT.

C. Quents


While it is the most costly chair on the market in terms of initial expense, I believe it to be the best overall value. The chair is everything it was designed to be and it functions flawlessly. The controls are simple to operate and the build quality is absolutely impeccable—down to the smallest detail. As a former professional athlete, I have experienced my share of human massages. This chair is incredibly close to the real thing—in many areas of the body, it actually does a better job. Best of all, it works at MY convenience (day or night) in the privacy of my home, with no appointment necessary.

Jim – Tampa Bay, FL


This chair is the best massage chair available. Thank you for providing such a great product and such a great source of relief for my back pain.

J.O. – Milford, NJ


I have the massage chair in my exercise room. After I do my workout, I enjoy a massage. It’s very relaxing.

C.C. – Plymouth, MI


We all love our Inada massage chair. My grown children and many friends come over just to have a turn on our massage chair, and my husband and I use it everyday!

S.P. – Pasadena, CA


I sleep better ever since I started using my massage chair. It’s great after a long day at work.

P.M. – Fresh Meadows, NJ


Love our Inada massage chair! I have seen competitors’ chairs and have tried them, but the Inada chair is much better!

W.S.& K.S. – Southlake, TX


Having Inada is like having a massage therapist on duty 24-hours a day in our own home. At any time of day or night I can select any kind of massage I want. When it comes to getting rid of stress, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

Jerry S. – San Diego, CA


When I go on vacation, I will miss my Inada massage chair terribly.

H.T. – La Jolla, CA


I am an 84-year old man and I have never liked massage chairs. That was until I experienced perfection in the Inada chair! In just nine days Inada lifted all the tension and stress off of my back and legs. If you want to feel better than ever before then you need an Inada chair in your life!

Mr. Jack B. – Sun City, CA


My wife and I find the chair very helpful on lower back tension. We use it almost everyday. My friends all comment that it is the best massage chair they have ever tried.

J.P. – Boca Raton, FL


My dad just loves his Inada massage chair! It encourages a very active 84-year old to get the rest he needs but might otherwise neglect. So truly we credit your product with contributing to my father’s good health and longevity. Congratulations on providing such a beneficial product and thank you very much.

Christine M. – New York, NY


I have sold many massage chairs, and I must say Inada massage chairs deliver the only true massage! Inada tailors the massage to each individual and perfectly targets their Shiatsu points. Inada massage chairs definitely make my customers feel rested, less stressed, ready to go! Our Inada massage chair buyers are VERY satisfied buyers.

Store Manager Ryan M. – The Healthy Back Store in VA


I used to have severe lower back pain, but since I started using the Inada massage chair, my pain is gone. Thank you for making my life easier!

Steve Mullen


For years I had been troubled by chronic back pain. After using my Inada massage chair for several months, my back pain is virtually gone and life has taken on a much cheerier aspect.

Burton L. – Sherborn, MA


My name is Patty and I co-lead two support groups for women. The Inada massage chairs provide important relaxation to those whose stressors include traumatic medical needs. The Sogno has long been my favorite model. Having guessed the number of air cells at 101 in the Inada Sogno DreamWave contest, I am the fortunate winner of this magnificent, therapeutic massage chair…including white glove delivery and a five-year warranty! Words don’t adequately express my gratitude. Thanks for your generosity!

Patty D. – Fairfax Station, VA


The Inada Sogno is without a doubt, the very best massage chair on the market. I could not be happier with this purchase. I never knew I could be so enthusiastic over a chair. Thanks Inada, for improving my quality of life!

Keith – CA


This chair exceeds everything promised! The variety of options makes this chair the best of all massage chairs we’ve tried. We feel it’s worth the money. We’ve had ours for a year with no problems whatsoever. One of the best decisions we ever made.

John M. – Erie, PA


The Inada Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair –
as you can probably guess from the price tag, this is no ordinary massage chair. I sat in it for 10 minutes? 20? Eight hours? Whatever the length of time was, it wasn’t enough.

Jen Luby


I have fibromyalgia – this chair is just incredible! I love it! I had a massage chair already, but the Sogno is just beyond what I expected! Worth every penny! I have to lock it up when people come over or everyone would be in it!

Hannah F – Peoria, AZ


I am very impressed with the Inada DreamWave Massage Chairs. We purchased three for our vitality center in late 2011 and have had remarkable success with them. The chairs have been instrumental in helping individuals move from a pain mentality to an awareness of the damage that stress causes.

Dr. Douglas L. Meints, DC – Lancaster, PA


I absolutely LOVE my massage chair!!! I looked at several different chairs and read all the reviews. Inada, by far, had the best reviews based on customer satisfaction and durability. To me, every time I use my massage chair, I’m saving $100 in massage costs. And, it’s available the minute I need it. No appointment necessary! It’s so relaxing that I find myself falling asleep in it. Thank you Inada!

Kris B – Tucson, AZ


This is the greatest chair ever! It’s better than a Human Massage. It’s the best stress relief ever and once you try it everything else is the Stone Age. It’s simply UNBELIEVABLE! I dream for a DreamWave.

Angelus B. – Atlanta, GA


I am extremely satisfied with what this chair can do. Yes it’s expensive, but simply stated you get what you pay for. There’s not another chair on the market that can cover so many shiatsu (pressure) points on your body. Plus the longevity of the Songo DreamWave is rated for 25 years when using it at least once a day. That’s a lot of massages. If you paid your masseuse for that length of time it would be A LOT more than what you’re paying for this chair.

Anthony G. – Santa Fe, NM


Each one of our patients adores not only the experience of using my Inada massage chairs but they also consistently bring new patients to try them out. My Inada massage chairs are the best referral source I have ever encountered and they have truly grown my practice! Thank you Inada.

Dr. Christi Houtz, DC –Terre Haute, IN


I wasn’t sure about trying the Inada Sogno massage chair. What a difference! The Night massage program was unbelievable! The Sogno massage is a total blur. By this time, I was so relaxed I was having difficulty staying awake.

Marie D. – Westminster, CO


Amazing chair. It’s everything I hoped for and then some. I’m glad I called you before making my final decision.

Johan – Hillsboro, OR


The new Sogno chair is totally amazing! I have never experienced anything close to equaling what this chair can do. My plans are to have the Sogno in the office for patients to experience. I believe that patients will welcome the benefits of the Sogno as part of their care.

Dr. Andy Smith, DC – Concord, NC


The Inada Sogno has been an invaluable addition to my practice. We wanted to add a passive massage device to our practice to complement our chiropractic services and I could not have made a better choice. Our patients love the Sogno!

Dr. Todd Mexico – Baldwinville, MA


I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy (the Inada i1a massage chair). I had one of my co-workers, a warehouse manager, help me unpack and install it in my home. He had NEVER seen such quality packaging of a shipped product.

John B. – Troy. MI


My introduction to the Sogno massage chair was a pure coincidence. I was achy at a trade show, and Inada was an exhibitor. As I experienced this dreamy, masterfully executed technological miracle, I knew within the first 20 minutes of this most amazing massage that we would be partners.

Karima Zaki – Sanctuate – San Diego, CA

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Your Massage Chair Shouldn’t Hurt

Contrary to What You Might Think, Genuine Relief Should Bring Happiness, Not Soreness

Americans often (mistakenly) equate physical pain with gain. In gyms around the nation, there is a perceived correlation between aches and results. You’ve undoubtedly heard, “No pain, no gain.” When we feel sore, we believe the extent of the exertion has a corresponding benefit; somehow, we’ve been trained to believe that more agony implies more reward.

But that outlook is wrong. Especially when it comes to massage chairs.

“Some forms of massage can leave you feeling a bit sore, but massage shouldn’t ordinarily be painful or uncomfortable,” according to in a recent Healthy Lifestyle article. If a massage chair causes the user to wince or feel discomfort, it is not as refined as it should be.

Yet, because of our perception of pain equating to improvement, we often think the opposite – that a session in a chair where we are prodded and pounded is maximum benefit. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, not only should massage chairs not hurt, they should alleviate pain.

The Penn State Hershey Medical Center describes shiatsu as pressure that is, “Gently applied to specific points on the body to relieve pain and enhance the flow of energy through the body’s energy pathways.”

Keep these tips in mind as you experience massage chairs in stores or at the mall:

  • When a massage chair scans the user’s body to pinpoint shiatsu locations, it is sensing the most important areas to build a session around.
  • A gentle, nuanced massage is effective for pain relief and relaxation when those specific points are known.
  • The remote should afford users the ability to customize the session if it begins to hurt.
  • Since pain is subjective, sometimes decreasing the intensity if required.
  • When a massage chair inflicts physical soreness, something is wrong–usually it has unrefined choreography or is poorly constructed.

When a massage chair provides abiding calm and diminishes stress, then it’s worth the investment. It’s not soreness or pain during or after using a massage chair that should make you feel like you’ve made the right choice. Rather, it’s the fact that pain and discomfort is reduced.

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Benefits of Massage

Guest Post by Joan Laubacher

Here at Furniture For Life, we love massage, and we love massage chairs. We know all the benefits to both physical and mental health that come from regular massage because we are lucky enough to work in an office with A LOT of massage chairs! We also understand that not everyone has that opportunity to take a “massage break” during work hours. In order to help educate we have asked massage therapist Joan M. Laubacher to share a little of what she knows about massage.

We asked Joan to explain some of the benefits of massage and why people turn to massage in the first place:

When was the last time you received a massage?


According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) 2015 consumer survey, an average of 18% of US adults received at least one massage from July 2014-July 2015. And in this same study, 27% of the population received a massage in the previous five years. That’s a lot of happy people! As a massage therapist, I can see and feel the value of touch with massage therapy. In a world that pulls us out of our body, massage helps us to reconnect.

So if the statistics reveal a good segment of our society valuing massage, what were the reasons that got them interested in massage in the first place?

52% from that first statistic (the 18 percent who received a massage over the span of a year) did so for medical or health reasons, including pain management, soreness/stiffness/spasms, injury prevention, or overall wellness. More than 90 percent of those interviewed agreed that massage can be effective in reducing pain.

In the AMTA 2015 Consumer survey, the medical profession led the way encouraging their patients to seek massage. This evidence suggests that massage is being discussed more in this clinical setting, which is a huge breakthrough for massage. While people who frequently receive massages can see the obvious health benefits, the stamp of approval from those under the medical umbrella is a big deal.

So what happens to the body during a massage?

Well, lots of things. Individuals may seek a deep-tissue massage in order to remain feeling healthy and active, which is the same thing as wanting to stay injury-free. When giving a deeper touch massage, it’s important to first warm up the body. Warming up the body with different types of massage strokes that are not too-deep, encourages oxygenated blood to whoosh through soft tissue layers. Like priming a pump, the muscles are more apt to respond to what comes next, a deeper focused massage session.

Importantly, massage touches more than just your muscles. On top of everything is your largest organ, skin, and the spidery web connective tissue that covers us from head to toe, the fascial layers. While it’s often the musculoskeletal system that grabs the headlines, there is much more going on that is affected by massage touch. In all there are eleven central “systems” in the body: Cardiovascular/Circulatory (arteries and veins) Digestive (what we taken in and eliminate), Endocrine (hormonal balance), Integumentary (skin), Lymphatic (immune system), Muscular-Skeletal (a framed body in motion), Nervous (brain to body communication), Renal (bodily fluid and blood flow), Reproductive (sex organs), Respiratory (mechanism for breathing) and finally, the Vestibular system (balance and movement). When receiving a full body massage, the touch will impact these systems in a positive way.

I often hear back from clients how massage has helped with a better night’s sleep. That’s because massage encourages a Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) response. A what? Your PSNS represents half of your autonomic nervous system, along with the Sympathetic Nervous System. Have you heard of the term: “fight of flight”? This is a hormonal response initiated by the Sympathetic nervous system. Think clammy hands and dilated pupils! Run fast and get out of danger! If taxed, these become better known as your stress hormones. Alternatively, your PSNS system is known as “rest and digest” and having an influence is slowing down your heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, allowing for a good meal and night’s sleep! So here’s to your good health and a healthy PSNS response!

Joan is an experienced, working massage therapist and esthetician with a background in brand marketing and small business consulting. She has worked for the outdoor industry giant Patagonia and consulted for small business owners. She was also an integral contributor to a start up in the natural foods industry. She owns and operates Joan Laubacher Massage & Skin Care and is an Instructor at the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute. Joan has lived in Boulder, Colorado since 1992.


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Managing Holiday Stress


‘Tis the season when our senses are overloaded from food, parties, gifts, and everything else that makes the season exciting and fraught. Year after year millions of us have “turned it up to 11” during the season. We get overbooked, fight crowds, add 10 pounds, and try to grin and bear it all the while. Indeed many of us can’t wait for these happy holidays to be done already. And this year, we have to deal with the added stress of the global pandemic. What to do?

Well for starters you know that you’re not alone. We found very helpful information from a credible and respected resource. Have a look at the myriad ways suggested by the good people at Cleveland Clinic to manage your holiday stress. We have reprinted some of the highlights below, and our hope is that some of these tips can help you dial it down a bit for this holiday season. 

Holiday shopping

  • Ask people what they want instead of scouring the earth to find the “perfect” gifts.
  • Shop early, when there is more of a selection.
  • Stick to your gift budget.

Planning family get-togethers

  • Buy prepared foods, instead of cooking everything from scratch.
  • Ask others to bring their favorite dishes.
  • Cook and freeze foods ahead of time.

Scheduling time with family and friends

  • Simplify holiday commitments and traditions. Discuss with your family which traditions are most important to you and to them. It’s okay to re-evaluate past traditions.
  • Allow time for yourself. Remember to do things that you enjoy.
  • Avoid time crunches by making plans to visit some friends and family soon after the holidays.
  • Don’t over-schedule yourself. Allow enough time to relax and recover after visiting with others.
  • Tell family members about your commitments so you are not struggling against their expectations.
  • Travel after rush hour. When driving long distances, give yourself time to stop and rest.
  • Do it all safely: wear a mask, keep your distance, try to schedule outdoor activities and get togethers as much as you can.

Pausing before the holiday spread

  • Avoid overeating and overdrinking, especially alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid starving yourself in anticipation of eating at holiday parties. This approach can lead to eating too much of the wrong foods.
  • Continue to exercise and watch your diet.

Managing your time

  • Set priorities and let go of impossible goals.
  • Stop to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
  • Don’t spend all of your time planning activities for your family. You might end up feeling drained and unappreciated.
  • Take the time you need to finish tasks that are important to you. Don’t try to complete everything at once.
  • Ask others, including the kids, to help you complete chores.
  • Rest when your body tells you to.

For the full Cleveland Clinic article along with article citations, please click here.

So as we get into the full swing of the holidays, let’s all take steps toward better self-care.

And by the way, did you know that massage has been proven to reduce the concentration of stress hormones in the bloodstream? In fact the Mayo Clinic – another venerated name in the medical field – reported on studies that find massage may be helpful in reducing anxiety, ameliorating digestive disorders, helping with insomnia related to stress, and relieving headaches, symptoms which all routinely show up during the holiday season. To learn more, check out one of our recent posts about the positive effects of massage.

Following some simple steps can help reduce your stress levels and help you get back to enjoying the holidays. And dessert – in moderation of course – can’t hurt either.

Happy Holidays!

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Inada Nest Proper Seating Position

To receive the proper massage tailored for your body, it is critical that all owners of the Inada Nest massage chair follow these steps.Cream Nest Massage Chair

  1. Sit down and make sure to move your hips back as far into the seat as possible. This will ensure a proper body scan.
  2. Make sure the pillow is in the standard position and not flipped over the back of the chair. The pillow is an important part of the massage, as it will inflate to adjust and expose more of your back to the massage mechanism and points around your shoulders. 
  3. Insert arms into the arm air cell pockets so that the bicep air cell assembly fits comfortably.
  4. Begin any of the six preset programs, then enjoy!
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10 Massage Chair Benefits

Guest Blogger- Karen Price

Opting for a massage chair can be very advantageous for you. Apart from just relaxing you, they can also play a major role in treating several conditions as well as improve blood circulation, mental health, and physical well-being. While hiring a massage therapist or going to a spa for a spectacular massage session sounds like a fantastic way to achieve this, most people do not have the time, money or the inclination to get a massage every month, let alone every day. Hence, the option for the rest of us is to buy a massage chair to replace the human touch and give you a professional massage, which can be both enjoyable and therapeutic.

Listed below are a few benefits of a massage chair to enable you to make an informed decision about buying one for your personal use.

1. Relief from Stress

The burden of work and fast-paced life has overwhelmed the lives of the majority of people, and few can cope with the strain effectively. Consequently, people have become more and more prone to heart ailments, anxiety attacks, and chronic depression. Massage chairs use various techniques and features that help increase neurotransmitters known to fight mental and emotional stress, leaving you a much happier person. A massage session every night can leave you invigorated and revitalized and subsequently induce a sound sleep without the help of a sleeping pill.

2. Enhanced Blood Circulation

A massage therapy session improves blood circulation from head to toe due to the increase in temperature caused on the surface of the skin. The kneading techniques, which are stronger than the stroking techniques, stimulate the flow of blood physically as well. In both cases, better circulation ensures the removal of harmful toxins from your body. Experiments indicated that people who undertook massage chair therapies for an extended period of time had a major reduction in strain and anxiety, which is the key source of high blood pressure. Additionally, improved circulation reduces the strain that the heart has to face in order to ensure that blood reaches every part of the body, which results in a healthier heart as well.

3. Relief of Pain and Aches

Massage chairs aid in soothing common body aches, headaches, and chronic neck/back/shoulder pain. Studies indicate a decrease in cortisol levels and increase in serotonin by an average of 28% due to continual massage sessions. By increasing serotonin and lowering cortisol levels, the body is better able to manage pain.

Studies also indicate that massage chairs either significantly reduced or eliminated some chronic pain. Massage chairs offer an inexpensive alternative to the costly physical therapies for an aging population that is tormented by chronic pain.

For people suffering from pain for a long time, this is the most compelling of all massage chair benefits.

4. Reduce Headaches/Migraines

Despite the large number of people suffering from them, migraines are perhaps the least understood of medical issues today. However, there are a few known triggers such as exhaustion, hormonal changes, sudden changes in mood, irregular sleeping patterns etc. Massages are known to remedy almost all of these triggers, which can significantly help in reducing the chances of migraine occurring. When you take a massage session regularly, you will feel that your nerves and muscles are working properly and so, there is no more headache or migraine attack.

5. Posture Correction

People try to correct their posture by walking straight or by practicing yoga, often overlooked is the fact that a massage also helps in correcting posture. Massage will help you get the right posture, mobilize and loosen your stiff muscles and help to maintain balance.

When you use a high-end massage chair, the backbone is forced to align itself in its natural position due to the shape of the chair. The motions of massage therapy also help to relax the muscles further, gradually undoing the built up damage. Eventually, over a period of time and therapy, massage can aid in loosening muscles and align the posture of the spine.

6. Increase Flexibility

Another positive side effect of regular massage chair use is increased flexibility. Massage chairs help combat decreased flexibility caused by a trigger point. A trigger point is a painful condition caused due to strenuous exercise and over-exertion that leads to a restricted range of motion and sore muscles.

Research findings from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Ontario showed that massage decreases inflammation and even promotes the growth of new mitochondria, the body’s powerhouse on a cellular level. All these individual factors combine to create healthier tissue, which is strong and flexible as well.

7. Boost Energy Levels

After a long and tiring day at the office when you sit on the massage chair, it works on your tired and worn-out muscles, gets them stretched and rolled, relaxing the stiff portions and providing the much-needed revitalization your body needs. As a result, you feel rejuvenated and re-energized when you get out of the massage chair. It also improves your sleep cycle which helps the body rest and recover from everyday ordeals and makes it more energetic during waking hours.

Besides improving the quality of sleep, a deep massage can increase your energy to a great extent due to the improved circulation of blood and the nutrients it carries to the muscles and tissues. Massage therapy also improves the body posture which allows you to breathe more freely. All these contribute towards providing you more energy than before.

8. Reduce The Impact of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are injuries that occur due to a long term impact of performing the same type of motion again and again. For example typing continuously over extended durations can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome which is caused due to the pinching of

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Massage Chair Repair Reboot

Tips from the Chair Doctor – How to do a proper massage chair reboot

A Proper Reboot: Sometimes It’s All Your Massage Chair Needs

We have all experienced a personal computer that starts acting funny. When this happens we have all been conditioned to cycle the power off and reboot. It turns out that all modern massage chairs have computer “brains” that sometimes suffer the same fate as your laptop or phone.

And most times, just like your personal device, a quick and simple reboot is all your massage chair needs to operate normally again.

So if your chair acts up (or if it freezes and does nothing at all) shut it down and unplug it for two minutes. Plug it back in, power up and see if your problem has cleared. According to our Chair Doctors, these simple steps correct the vast majority of errors.

Even if you’re not having any issues, a periodic reboot is a good practice to proactively stay ahead of unanticipated electronic errors.

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How To Care for Your Massage Chair

4 Massage Chair Care Tips

Wondering how to maintain your massage chair so that you can get many years of great massages at home? Here are a few simple steps to keeping your chair looking good and operating properly.

  1. Make sure your chair is clear of dust and dirt. Use a soft towel to dust off all parts of your massage chair. This is also a good opportunity to confirm that your massage chair is plugged into a high-quality surge protector. Make sure the surge protector you’re using has a protection rating of  2,000 joules or more. Going “cheap and cheerful” with a surge protector is not the best way to protect the considerable investment you have made in your chair.
  2. Use a vacuum with a soft attachment to gently dislodge and suck dirt particles out of hard to reach areas. There’s a lot of movement in a massage chair, and because of this, even small crumbs and dirt may result in excessive fabric wear.
  3. Keeping the fabric as flat as possible and not allowing it to remain bunched up will also help prevent excessive wear. This might require opening some zippers or flipping some of the pads to the rear of your chair for you to visually inspect fabric areas. If you have questions about these steps, please contact a Chair Doctor for hints and details.
  4. If your chair has a buffer pad, double check to make sure the buffer pad is installed correctly. If it bunched up and not laying properly in its position, the chair may not operate as it should.

Taking all of these steps will ensure that your massage chair delivers years of satisfaction and happiness to you and others in your household.