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Massage Chairs for Back Pain: Get Reliable Relief

At the end of a long day, we all want to sit back and relax. Whether you work in a physical occupation that is rough on your body or spend your day hunched over a desk, you deserve to give your body a break.

Bodywork from a skilled massage therapist is great, but what is the best back pain remedy for people who want access to relief whenever they need it?  For many, it is a massage chair. Massage chairs provide effective at-home back pain therapy that can loosen and soothe muscles and help you relax.

If you are struggling with back pain, keep reading. You will learn about massage chair benefits when they are used as a back pain remedy.

What Is a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a kind of mechanized massage equipment that allows you to enjoy the health benefits of a massage in the comfort of your home. These chairs deliver kneading, stroking, and other motions to various body areas (back, neck, arms, legs, etc.) and often recline for increased comfort.

Some chairs use rollers, while others use air cells to massage your body, and some models have both. A major selling point of massage chairs is your ability to use them anytime you want. They’re much easier to fit into your schedule than a session with a massage therapist. And, when you consider how frequently you can (and likely will) enjoy massages in your chair, purchasing one is a cost-effective alternative to in-person sessions. 

Massage Chairs and Back Pain Therapy

People sometimes ask, “Are massage chairs good for your back?” The short answer is, “Absolutely.” Here’s why. Massage chairs reduce back pain by stimulating blood flow and enhancing lymphatic drainage. This form of back pain therapy can help loosen tight muscles, improve your posture, and reduce aches and pains. That is especially true when you use a massage chair regularly. Over time, these sessions can lead to dramatic improvements in your comfort level and overall well-being.  

Massage is also known to improve flexibility, decrease tension, and increase endorphin levels. Endorphins are naturally occurring chemicals that help your body process pleasure and manage pain. Through massage, you can decrease pain levels throughout your body and even reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. (Of course, if you have significant concerns about your stress level, we encourage you to talk with a healthcare professional.)

Ultimately, how we feel affects how we engage with people and the world around us. Consequently, it is no stretch to say that regularly using a massage chair can help relieve back pain and greatly enhance your quality of life.

Convenient Access to Back Pain Relief

Massage chairs are favored by busy people for many reasons, including their convenience. There is no undressing, oil, or masseuse involved. You simply take a seat and let your chair go to work. Whether you want some drug-free morning pain relief to start your day, a midday session, or relaxing evening bodywork, your massage chair is there for you.

If you suffer from ongoing back pain, a massage chair is a great way to work regular massage therapy into your life. Chairs are particularly popular among athletes and people with high-stress jobs and intense body tension.

Other Benefits of Massage Chairs

Besides easing back pain, massage chairs are also great for overall relaxation. When a massage chair works your back, it soothes the muscles, which leads to increased relaxation in other muscles in your body. For this reason, massage chairs are helpful for headaches and tension in the neck, legs, and chest, as well as in the back.

Massage chairs can also help promote good posture by loosening muscles that hold you in a cramped or stooped position. Good posture will, in turn, help improve your back health, and can lead to more time free of back pain.

Finding the Best Massage Chair for Back Pain

With all of the massage chairs available on the market, you might be overwhelmed when you start your research. There are several outstanding massage chair manufacturers, each offering various models. Which are the best massage chairs for back pain?

It is crucial to focus on the best massage chair for your needs. Everyone experiences back pain differently, so you should let your body tell you what feels best—during and after a massage. The chair that gets glowing reviews online or from people you know who own one might be ideal for you. But it is also possible that you will discover the features and functions of another model are more to your liking. 

The key is to learn about all of your massage chair options and then “test drive” the models that are most likely to meet your needs. As you do your evaluation, keep the factors below in mind.

1. Price

Massage chairs are available in bargain models, high-end specialty versions, and everything in between. So, while cost is a factor for most people, you should identify the chairs that deliver the best experience and have the features you need first. Then you can assess that group and consider the prices. 

Keep in mind that a lower-end chair usually contains up to five features, while more expensive models have around 10, and luxury chairs have even more. Also, the more expensive the chair, the more it typically can be customized to your body. If you have specific pain that is hard to resolve with a general therapeutic massage, you should consider purchasing a chair with adjustable rollers and various options for speed and pressure.

2. 3D and 4D features

3D and 4D massage features offer different kinds of relief for back pain. 3D massagers move back and forth and can probe shallower or deeper into your muscles as needed. This provides a sensation that mimics the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands.

3D massage chairs can deliver effective lower back pain treatment by providing a deep tissue massage. If you want a subtler sensation, you can adjust the depth of the chair’s rollers for a lighter feeling.

4D chairs offer all of the benefits of 3D chairs and more. They also allow you to adjust the rhythm and speed at which the rollers move. This added element of “pace” creates an even more lifelike massage. If you have ever had a session with a massage therapist, you know that they vary the speed of the massage as necessary for your requirements and preferences. If you know that a certain style or speed of massage works best for you, you should consider a 4D chair.

3. S-track and L-frack chairs

Every massage chair contains a roller track that extends along its back. The rollers follow these tracks to deliver the massage. There are different types of tracks, and the one you choose affects the back pain therapy provided.

S-track chairs are the most popular type of massage chair. They are shaped to follow the curvature of the spine, which allows them to provide natural, targeted relief to specific parts of the back. When it comes to spinal decompression and lower back massages, these chairs are comfortable and effective.

L-track chairs contain an extended track that runs from the neck to the hamstrings. They have the same curvature as S-tracks. If you have tightness in your lower back, you might want to buy an S-track chair, as it may be more effective at loosening your lower back and leg muscles to provide lasting comfort.

4. Size

One of the biggest benefits of massage chairs is that they offer at-home relief. When you are browsing different options, make sure you look at models that will fit comfortably in your home. Measure the area where you will put the chair and know exactly how much space you have to work with.

Some models recline up to 160 degrees. You’ll need to plan for this when you decide where your massage chair will be located in your home. Others have wall-hugging capability, meaning you can place them closer to a wall, taking up less space in the room.

5. Materials and construction

A massage chair is an investment in your long-term health and wellness. Consequently, it is crucial to buy one that is “built to last.” Learn all you can about the materials used and the construction process for any chair you are considering. The best chairs will have real wood and leather and be made by companies whose chairs have earned a reputation for both beauty and durability. 

Don’t Wait… Get a Massage Chair to Help Alleviate Pain and Improve Your Quality of Life!

Massage chairs are very helpful in reducing back pain. Now that you know a little about how they work, you can dive more deeply into your research to find the perfect chair for you. Our Learning Center has many articles you may find useful. We encourage you to check out these valuable resources. 

We also strongly encourage you to visit a Furniture For Life showroom. Written descriptions, feature lists, and user reviewers are very helpful, but of course, “feeling is believing.” We offer a curated collection of The World’s Best Massage Chairs®, which means you can try several models from outstanding manufacturers to inform your purchase decision. 

Just as importantly, we have friendly and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants who are eager to assist you. Rather than pitching certain models, they focus on your needs and which chairs can best meet them. It is an informative, relaxed, no-pressure process that you will surely enjoy. 

Should you decide to make a purchase on your first visit, the Comfort Consultant is happy to assist you. However, if you want to sleep on what you have learned, they are just as pleased to see you again at some point in the future and provide additional information and assistance. Find the Furniture For Life location nearest you and stop by today!

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