Benefits of Heated Massage Chair Therapy

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heated massage chair therapy

Heated massage chair therapy combines the modern chair with the beneficial effects of a massage amplified with the help of heat. In other words, heated massage chairs enable your muscles to warm and loosen up. Allowing you to get the maximum benefits from the massage rollers. The lumbar heating technique dramatically reduces pain, tightness of the joints and muscles and helps to loosen up one of the main contributors to stress — your back and neck.

First of all, massage chairs use different mechanisms to massage. Simple massage chairs use vibrations to provide the massage, with the chair utilizing small devices containing weighted gears or wheels. Then, when they oscillate, the massage chair creates micro-vibrations. It is similar to how cell phones vibrate due to small gears that move hundreds of times a second to generate vibrations. Other more luxury massage chairs use a combination of vibrating gears and heated rollers that offer a more extensive massage. These rollers can move left and right or even in circles to emulate the actions and techniques of a human masseuse.

The Science Behind Heated Massage Chair Therapy

Heated massage chair therapy combines several treatments— thermal therapy and massage therapy.

  1. Thermal therapy.

    Thermal therapy consists of the application of heat to manipulate the cutaneous, intraarticular, and temperature of your soft tissue. The main purpose of thermal therapy is to improve the symptoms of certain conditions associated with poor blood circulation. Alternatively named heat therapy, thermal therapy creates higher tissue temperatures which produce vasodilation of the muscle, inherently increasing the supply of nutrient-rich blood into the target area. Individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia, bursitis, and muscle spasms benefit from thermal therapy.
  2. Massage therapy. 

    Peer-reviewed research has shown that a massage can help with pain relief, reduce depression, and can even reduce blood pressure. A heated massage can also enhance the performance and the recovery rate of muscle. Massages can further activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with the production of serotonin and endorphins.

In layman’s terms, heated massage chair therapy can improve blood circulation in major muscle groups, relieve stress, and make you feel and sleep better.

The Benefits of Heated Massage Chair Therapy 

Improve your emotional state.

Most importantly, about 40 million Americans suffer from some anxiety or depression. Heated massage chair therapy has been known to calm and comfort, especially when it is done regularly. Massage chairs that utilize reflexology via heated rollers and compression effectively alleviate the feelings associated with anxiety.

Loosened muscles.

There is a reason why heated massage chair therapy is so popular when it comes to professional athletes. Our muscles are interconnected, and over time pain can develop that can make it difficult to move. A heated massage chair breaks down this rigidity, releasing the buildup of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the byproduct of an overused muscle, and the vibrations of a heated chair help break apart and improve blood circulation to these affected areas.

Improved flexibility.

Improved flexibility can do several things – it reduces injuries, improves posture, and develops the physical performance of major muscle groups. Many heated massage chairs employ the programming input from physical therapists and chiropractors to design a chair with the maximum impact on your flexibility and mobility.

Blood circulation.

According to a University of Illinois at Chicago 2014 study, results have indicated that regular massages improved vascular function in individuals who don’t even exercise. This suggests that regular massages have benefits for people regardless of their physical level or activity. 

Helping with lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage incorporates massages that will encourage the natural drainage of the lymph nodes, which carries waste products away from tissues. It represents an intrinsic, complex system that includes contractions of the smooth muscles of the lymph vessels and the movement of skeletal muscles to excrete waste. Manual drainage can be done with the help of heated massage chair therapy. While studies have been mixed, regular manual lymphatic drainage has alleviated patients who have swollen lymph nodes.

Improved digestion.

One of the more unknown benefits of regular heated massage therapy is better digestion. The entire body experiences relaxation from sessions with a heated massage chair – even your stomach. With better blood circulation, your organs can function at a more optimal level. Allowing you to process foods and nutrients more efficiently. The peristaltic movement of food through the body is improved with regular massages.

What To Look For In Heated Massage Chairs

There are several different types of heated massage chairs. Additionally, the main factor you will primarily focus on is what experience you want to derive from your heated massage chair. For example, some individuals want a heated massage chair to help with the occasional body aches. In comparison, others are looking for a specific therapeutic need.

Evaluate these features and see which ones are most important to you. When buying a heated massage chair, consider:

Heated massage chair features.

Moreover, it’s important to note that affordable heated massage chairs offer simple vibrations, which may be adequate for your needs. However, higher-end models offer a variety of features. For example, these features may include kneading, rolling, tapping, and incorporating reflexology. These advanced features will allow you to experience full-body relaxation.

Is it able to massage limbs?

Furthermore, while most heated massage chairs will have you sit down, you may want those that will massage other parts of your body, like your neck and limbs. A heated massage chair will offer foot and leg support that will knead them.

Take advantage of heated massage rollers and airbags.

heated massage chair rollers

Similarly, you will want a heated massage chair that uses a range of rollers. For instance, heated rollers can have their height customized to fit your unique body curvature. Also, airbags offer potent tension relief by delivering pressurized air to small areas on your back and sides. When inflated, the compressed muscles will stimulate blood flow. 

In conclusion.

Above all, massage chair heat therapy can be taken advantage of by those who live at home. Athletes who need a dedicated machine, the elderly, and even those who want to relax after a long, stressful week. Its benefits are abundant, longstanding, and documented. 

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