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Curated selection of the world's best massage chairs

Finding the Best Value in Massage Chairs

In today’s stressful world, a top-quality massage chair is a wonderful (and potentially magical) addition to life at home. Countless studies have been done, and trusted medical experts will tell you: Massage provides relaxation and relief from myriad mind and body stresses and strains. 

The best of the best massage chairs can even be a stylish complement to your décor. But “What is the best massage chair?” is a question each person or family must answer for themselves. With hundreds of brands being offered, how do you decide what massage chair is best for you?

Finding the Best Massage Chair for the Money: First Define Your Wants and Needs

When buying a massage chair—as with all significant purchases—you don’t want just any chair. You want the best massage chair for the money. Finding that chair starts with understanding your needs. 

Will you primarily use your massage chair to wind down after busy days? Do you have aches and pains after intense workouts that you need your chair to address? Are you trying to reduce the symptoms from a particular injury or illness? The answers to these types of questions will help you find the chair most suited to your requirements. 

But let’s not forget about your wants. You might not need your chair to have Bluetooth connectivity or to be a functional work of art in your home, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore those desires. The good news is that there are certainly models among the top massage chairs that can meet your needs and your wants. So, as you consider your criteria for “the best massage chair for the money,” be sure to think about the big picture. You deserve a chair that provides the most enjoyable experience possible.

Specific Questions for Finding the Best Massage Chair for You

Some people go into their massage chair research thinking they will simply purchase the “best massage chair available.” However, both massage chair users and massage chairs are unique. So, what one person considers the top-of-the-line massage chair may not be another person’s top pick. 

In our experience, most people are impressed by their first encounter with any massage chair. You may have seen someone use a basic massage chair at a mall or in a salon for the first time and heard them exclaim, “Wow! This is an amazing massage.” Of course, there are much better experiences to be had with the best-rated massage chairs, and once the person realizes that, their first exposure to massage chair technology quickly fades in the rear-view mirror.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself when shopping for top massage chairs:

  • What type of massage do you prefer?
  • When you go to a professional masseuse, what do you ask for?
  • How intense or gentle do you like your massage?
  • What areas of your body are particularly important to you for massage treatment?
  • What health concerns—like sciatica or fibromyalgia—do you have that a chair could address?
  • Does someone else in your home who plans to use the massage chair have different needs and desires?
  • How often do you imagine you will use the chair?
  • Would you want your massage chair to double as a lounger or simple recliner for viewing media or gaming?
  • Are you trying to replace a few (or all) of your chiropractic visits?

Answering questions like these is essential to narrow your pool of candidates. Your best massage chair should be the one that meets your needs. (And don’t worry about remembering all the questions when trying different chairs. As explained below, one of our Comfort Consultants will help you determine or refine your selection criteria when you visit a Furniture For Life Showroom.)

What About the Cost of Your Massage Chair? 

Notice that the list of questions above doesn’t include anything about budget. They are focused on identifying a massage chair that is comfortable, flexible, durable, and attractive. It is easy to find a couple of those qualities in any chair. Many massage chairs look alike and are comfortable when you first sit in them. But there are global brands, and there are “factory” knock-offs, look-alikes, and sound-alike names of the better brands. Fortunately, spotting them is pretty easy once you know where to look.

For most, a massage chair is a one-time, significant investment in massage treatment that they expect will offer years of comfort and satisfaction. Because of this, it is wise to ignore the knock-offs and ensure you get a top massage chair known for high-quality, premium materials and workmanship. These chairs deliver better massages, last longer, and are backed by great warranties supported by passionate after-sale service teams. Investing in a quality chair from a brand you can trust (and a provider you trust) will ultimately pay dividends. 

That said, there is no reason you can’t identify the best affordable massage chair—with “affordable” being defined by your budget. The best affordable massage chair for you might be the one at the top of the price spectrum. However, it could be at the middle or low end of the range.  

Durability and Dependability: Key to the Best Value in a Massage Chair

To get the best value in a massage chair, it must have exceptional durability and dependability. You can count on those characteristics from the top massage chair manufacturers. With these global players, you’re assured that all aspects of manufacture—from design to engineering and assembly—are scrupulously overseen. Some brands cut costs by using lower-quality, outsourced components and processes lacking proper quality control. The best brands don’t cut corners. They consistently deliver massage chairs that are durable and dependable.

One sign of that dependability is the warranty the brand offers you. If a manufacturer claims to be best, be sure you explore the details of their warranty to confirm that their warranties are also the best. Here is a simple formula to keep in mind when researching your purchase: The best manufacturing + the best warranty = the best massage chairs. 

After all, leading manufacturers should have the confidence to cloak their products in an unwavering warranty promise. If the manufacturer does not trust a product’s performance to be their responsibility for at least three years and communicate this to you with three years of full in-home warranty coverage, you should cross them off your list of candidates and find yourself another brand that cares more about protecting your investment. 

There are several outstanding massage chair manufacturers out there. If you first encounter some that aren’t reputable or committed to your full, long-term satisfaction, don’t be discouraged. And remember that all massage chairs from Furniture For Life come with excellent product warranties

Our Collection of the Best-Rated Massage Chair Brands

Top massage chair brands like those we carry at Furniture For Life offer an array of features that contribute to the overall effectiveness and comfort of the experience they provide. Air cell massage functions, heated rollers, 3D and 4D design, zero gravity position, full-body massage, foot rollers, neck massage, authentic shiatsu massage designed by a master—all these features and more are available in the various models we offer.

OHCO, Panasonic, Positive Posture, and D.Core are some of the  names you will hear often as you research your investment in a best-rated massage chair. And that is why we feature them at Furniture For Life.

Massage Chair Comparisons: You Really Must Take Some “Test Drives”!

The key to finding your perfect in-home massage solution is to do in-person massage chair comparisons. The best chair in the world is the one that provides the most effective and enjoyable experience  for you—during and after a massage!

Consequently, it is crucial to visit the Furniture For Life showroom near you and talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants. We take pride in a process that isn’t so much about selling you a massage chair as it is about helping you determine your wants and needs, understand massage chair technology in general, zero in on key features, and find the chair that delivers massages you consider ideal. The products in our curated collection of The World’s Best Massage Chairs® tend to sell themselves!

The Comfort Consultant who assists you will get to know you and your needs, help you develop a shortlist of chairs that can meet them, and then guide you through test drives of each. It really is the ideal way to find the best value in a massage chair for your requirements. So, we strongly encourage you to visit a Furniture For Life showroom. We’re confident you will find the demo process fun and informative!

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