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How To Clean a Leather Massage Chair

How To Clean a Leather Massage Chair

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The massage chair you have purchased for use in your home or at your place of business is surely a source of pride for you. Undoubtedly, you want to keep it looking like new, both for the aesthetics and because caring for it properly will help ensure you can continue enjoying it for many years. 

Most massage chairs are made with polyurethane leather (PU), commonly referred to as faux leather or synthetic leather. It is a high-quality, durable material. However, there are exceptions, like the M.8 NEO LE, which is made with real top-grain leather.           

This article provides insights on how to clean leather furniture—specifically how to clean leather massage chairs. Reviewing the advice will ensure you know how (and how often) to give your chair the care it needs and deserves. 

A Little About Leather

It is helpful to have a general understanding of leather as a furniture covering before considering how to clean it. Massage chairs can be covered in various materials, from fabric to faux leather to the real thing. However, a genuine leather massage chair is truly something to behold and experience. 

Some of its many positive characteristics include the following:

  • Leather is strong and durable.
  • Leather is a stain-resistant material. 
  • Leather’s breathability means it adapts to its surroundings and can help regulate body temperature.
  • Leather is easy to maintain.
  • Leather can be colored, treated, and styled in many different ways. 

If you own a leather couch or even a leather jacket, you know how cozy and inviting it can be. And, of course, the last thing you want is for your leather massage chair to lose any of its appealing attributes. That’s why massage chair maintenance isn’t so much a task as it is a ritual that helps maintain the value of your investment in your comfort and that of your family or other chair users. 

Tips for Cleaning Your Leather Massage Chair

There are two aspects to maximizing the beauty and performance of a leather massage chair: cleaning processes and frequency. The cleaning process typically has three main components: vacuuming, dry wiping, and damp wiping. 

To keep your massage chair clean, you should:

  • Vacuum your massage chair regularly using a nozzle with a soft brush. (Be aware that using the proper attachment is critical. A hard plastic nozzle can scratch the leather, leaving a permanent mark.) Vacuuming removes dust, crumbs, pet hair, and other unsightly debris that can accelerate fabric wear. It also helps free the leather’s pores of tiny particles that can accumulate over time and make it harder for the fabric to “breathe.” As you vacuum, gently move or flatten folds that can hide debris.
  • Wipe your massage chair regularly with a soft, dry cloth. This is a helpful step you take between vacuuming sessions. It is a quick way to remove debris. 
  • Wipe your massage chair periodically with a damp cloth. The emphasis here is on “damp.” You should never get your massage chair wet—when cleaning it or otherwise. You can use a mild disinfecting spray or moisturizing soap on your cloth for cleaning purposes. Just be sure the cloth isn’t saturated. Generally, it is best to vacuum your chair to remove larger particles before damp-wiping it. Be sure to wait until any cleaning solution has thoroughly dried before using your chair. 
  • Clean with the appropriate frequency. Depending on how often you use your massage chair, we recommend cleaning your chair once every week to two weeks. 

These are general guidelines. Be sure to read the care instructions provided by the massage chair manufacturer. If that information deviates from the above (because of a unique characteristic of the company’s leather products, for example), follow their advice. 

Leather Massage Chair Maintenance and Stains

Depending on how it is finished, leather can have good stain resistance. However, it is typically not impervious to stains. 

If you find a spot that doesn’t resolve with dry or damp wiping, you may need to use a cleaner specifically designed to remove stains from leather. Read the directions carefully before proceeding. It is always a good idea to test cleaning products on a hidden area of your massage chair before using them in a visible area. 

If you are in doubt about how to address a particular type of stain, contact us or the chair manufacturer for advice. 

In the event that someone spills a beverage on your leather massage chair, unplug it (assuming it is safe to do so) and use absorbent cloths to mop up the fluid as soon as possible. Try to ensure adequate air circulation for the affected area as it dries. If the spill involves a significant volume of fluid and you have questions or concerns about how to proceed, contact us or the chair manufacturer.

Note That Leather Ages—Beautifully!

Like all natural materials, leather ages with time and exposure to pressure and friction. However, an advantage of leather is that the aging process actually gives it more character. You may notice a patina or sheen develop over time on areas like the seat and armrests. This isn’t a “problem” with the leather, but rather its standard response to being used regularly. 

Leather can also develop cracks over many years, particularly in dry environments. Your chair manufacturer may recommend products for keeping the leather soft and subtle longer. 

Finding Your Ideal Fabric and Features

If you already own a massage chair, you know which covering you prefer. If you are researching massage chairs, choosing the appropriate material is essential. 

It may be that genuine leather feels best to you. Manufacturers also make faux leather massage chairs with a look and feel that mimics leather but from an artificial material. Keep in mind that there is no “best” massage chair covering. What is critical is what feels most comfortable to you

Of course, there’s only one way to determine that—a visit to the Furniture For Life showroom near you. The photos on our website and in our promotional materials do an outstanding job of portraying the different massage chair models we offer. But there is no substitute for sitting in several chairs and running your fingers over the material. 

When you visit a showroom, one of our friendly and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants will learn about your wants and needs, describe the features and functions that can address your requirements, and then guide you through “test drives” of the massage chairs that seem best suited for you.

Wherever this fun and informative process leads you, you can be confident in your purchase. We take pride in offering a curated selection of The World’s Best Massage Chairs®, so whichever you choose, you will get a chair that exemplifies excellence in design and manufacturing.

Just as importantly, you will benefit from the attentive support we provide to every customer and a tremendous warranty with service (if you ever need it) from a network of skilled technicians. 
So, get the chair you’ve dreamed of, care for it lovingly, and know it will enhance your health, happiness, and well-being for many years. 

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