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Important Considerations on Massage Chair Repairs, Service, and Warranties

Advanced massage chairs are designed and manufactured with reliability and durability in mind. You can count on any chair you purchase from Furniture For Life to perform as expected and meet your needs for many years. 

Still, like with any product, massage chair repairs and service may be necessary occasionally. The good news with selections in our curated collection of The World’s Best Massage Chairs® is that they come with exceptional warranties that ensure you can get expert service if you ever need it. 

However, that’s not necessarily true with massage chairs you purchase elsewhere. Consequently, it’s helpful to understand what a massage chair warranty may include and what the language used means. 

Below are several provisions you might find in a massage chair warranty along with explanations and advice for interpreting them. 

Massage Chair Warranty Length

It is crucial not to take the length of a warranty at face value. Some warranties may indicate they provide coverage for five years when only certain things are covered for that full period. It may be that the manufacturer might respond to certain minor issues for five years but will cover parts and labor—what’s most important to a massage chair owner—for substantially less than five years. 

It can be very disappointing and frustrating to need massage chair service and believe it is covered under the warranty only to learn that it is not. In that scenario, you may be required to pay the massage chair repair costs out of your pocket. 

Massage Chair Parts

When reviewing the area of a massage chair warranty that covers parts, be sure to determine whether it pays for shipping. Depending on what is being replaced, the shipping cost can be high. Ideally, a warranty should cover the part or parts and the cost to get the package to your home or office. 

Here again, you don’t want to hear from the manufacturer that, “We can get that part to you right away. Will you be paying for shipping via credit card?”

Massage Chair Service

Knowing that a skilled technician will assess and correct any problems that occur with your massage chair is reassuring. However, be aware that some warranties that cover labor require you to ship the chair to a service center (meaning it’s unavailable to you for an extended period) or pay for a technician to come to your home or office. 

The best warranties cover in-home labor. If the document you’re reading is unclear on that point, be sure to get clarification before you make your purchase. The convenience of having a technician come to your home or office and make a massage chair repair that gets it back in service quickly is crucial. 

Massage Chair Technician Availability

You’ve confirmed that your warranty covers in-home service—that’s great. But is there a massage chair technician in your area who can respond promptly to address issues? That’s a question worth asking before you sign on the dotted line. 

Some massage chair providers will be upfront about the availability of massage chair technicians in your area, especially if you aren’t near a major metropolitan area. Unfortunately, others will not. 

Massage Chair Call Center Location

If the call center for your massage chair is outside the U.S., you may face multiple issues when you seek service or repairs. A language barrier is one concern. If the technical issue you report isn’t relayed to others in the organization correctly, that can cause problems. 

Time differences can also affect your ability to request and receive service promptly. Even if the service center has team members working around the clock, there can still be problems since others in the organization, like troubleshooting experts, may work a 9 to 5 shift in their local timezone. 

“Lifetime Technical Support” 

Don’t be fooled by so-called lifetime technical support in a massage chair warranty. Often it simply means that you can reach out to a call center for as long as you own your chair. It typically doesn’t mean that parts and labor are free for life. 

Careful Warranty Review Is Essential 

It’s vital to read a massage chair warranty cover to cover, even if you’re sitting in a showroom with a sales representative. That may take a little time and lead to what some people might consider awkward silence. But if it protects you from large out-of-pocket expenses or the extended downtime of your chair, it’s well worth the discomfort—yours or the sales rep’s. 

As part of your review of the warranty, you should also be comfortable with asking any questions that come to mind. If an aspect of the document is unclear, point it out. If wording could be interpreted two different ways, get clarity on what is meant. Also, if a company touts its massage chair extended warranty, be sure you understand how that differs from the standard warranty. An extended warranty may simply provide coverage for a longer period, but you shouldn’t assume that’s the case.

A reputable provider is happy to answer every question you have and take as much time as you need to be comfortable with the purchase and confident you won’t face unexpected massage chair repair costs. After all, a massage chair purchase is an investment. The chair will provide years of enjoyment and support better health and wellness. Still, it’s a significant expense that you don’t want to take on without careful consideration. 

Even Before You Get to the Massage Chair Warranty… 

The strength of a massage chair warranty is important, but only if you’ve found the ideal chair for you. The best way to do that is to talk with a Furniture For Life Comfort Consultant at one of our showroom locations. They learn about your wants and needs, develop a list of promising candidates, and then walk you through no-rush, no-pressure demonstrations of each. 

When the process is complete, you’ll have a clear understanding of which chair will best meet your requirements. Should you have any questions we can answer via call, text, or chat—before or after your session with a Comfort Consultant—we’re happy to do so! 

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