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Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese massage chairs have long been the industry standard. If you are contemplating a purchase, A shopper should particularly consider a made-in-Japan massage chair.

A Bit of Massage Chair History

The first massage chairs were made in Japan. So the culture created around quality massage chairs started and centers in Japan. In fact, the idea of a medical massage chair resulted from rules and regulations established decades ago by the Japan Ministry of Health. With this government involvement, oversight, and endorsement of the concept of a medical massage chair. Public interest increased to a point where more than 15% of Japanese households now own a massage chair. In Japan, made-in-Japan medical massage chairs are viewed as essential tools that provide real health benefits.

Brands with Integrity

The premium massage chair market has been shaped by Japanese brands and Japanese manufacturers, with the introduction by OHCO of the made-in-Japan M-Series massage chair. Japanese brands like Panasonic and OHCO are already recognized worldwide. Therefore, they now set the standard as the global leader in the massage chair industry. 

What makes the Japanese made massage chairs better?

One way to understand why massage chairs made in Japan are so highly regarded inside and outside the industry is to understand how the nature of the Japanese market has shaped the chairs that are made in Japan. Innovation and high standards for quality and performance are driven by demanding consumers, competition for Japanese market share, and stringent regulations. OHCO is an example – and the brands that originated in Japan – Panasonic is an example. 

Japanese Massage Chair Innovation

In Japan, you find the perfect blend of a society that’s tuned into the benefits of massage with a manufacturing culture focused on precision. This culminates in innovative Japanese chairs, offers superior massage sensations, and is durable and dependable. Above all, Japanese manufacturers typically offer user-friendly warranties, too. So if something does go wrong, you have a team at your back. 

Made-In-Japan Massage Chair Common Sense

Massage chairs as an essential household medical and health necessity is a concept beginning to take hold in the US. Furthermore, in Japan, it has been common sense for decades. Suppose you’re interested in products certified by the Japan Ministry of Health as medical massage chairs. In addition, you can explore the offerings from Panasonic and the OHCO M.Series models made in Japan. For now, Japanese-made massage chairs (or chairs made by Japanese brands like Panasonic) are the market leaders in Japan, the US, and around the world.

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