Massage Chair Recliner for the Office

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An office setting may not seem like a typical place for reclining massage chairs, but a massage chair recliner can provide numerous benefits for people working hard for long hours at the office. These benefits are valid both in the workplace and at your home office. 

Stress can reduce your level of focus and motivation, which can, in turn, hurt productivity. In addition, stress is a critical factor in causing burnout. Having a tool in your office to help manage stress levels can be incredibly beneficial.

Pros of Massage Recliner Chairs in the Office

Reduced Stress Means Better Productivity

Many industries have indicated that stress impedes worker productivity. Massage therapy is an effective way to promote relaxation and reduce stress for workers. Office massage chairs increase employee retention as well as their health and wellness. A workplace massage chair can boost productivity for individuals and teams. A short massage break can increase focus and productivity and relieve stress. Massage chairs can be added to any office setting to increase your team’s productivity.

Many Health Benefits

It’s no secret that long hours spent sitting at a desk can have negative consequences. These consequences can lead to bad posture, unnecessary stress on extremities, and chronic back pain. While recliners are a good option for relieving some of this stress, having a massage chair recliner in the office is a great way to provide convenient relief to these common problems.

Massage recliners and zero-gravity chairs aid circulation and reduce tension. A shiatsu massage chair offers precise relief to certain tension areas on your back. It is benefiting to an individual or office-wide feature. 

Office managers may consider adding recliner massage chairs to improve employee health, satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

De-stress Before Leaving Work

As we have already covered, work can be stressful, and an office chair is not the best for our spinal health. While this reality is often unavoidable, what is avoidable is bringing that stress home with you. A workplace massage chair can help eliminate post-workday stress with a massage session to end your shift. Whether you work from home or commute to work, massage chairs can be an excellent strategy for eliminating stress. 

You can also use your office massage chair session as motivation to help keep you on track throughout the part of the day that matters most, family time.

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Choosing a Massage Chair for Office Space


A full-body massage chair recliner is a fairly significant investment, and you may be hesitant if you are unsure how much use it will get as an office massage chair. Some of the high-end massage chairs can cost beyond $10,000. 

However, many affordable recliner massage chairs may better fit your budget. For instance, the Sōl from Positive Posture comes with just a $1,999 price tag. Also, the Katana massage chair is a perfect blend of quality and price. They offer a massage chair solution at unbeatable Factory Direct prices, but also believe that just because you can buy a cheap massage chair does not mean you should expect anything less than superior performance and great customer service and support from Furniture for Life.


Finding a place to put your massage chair recliner can be challenging. Office massage chairs take up space and require access to electrical outlets. As a result, you may need to re-arrange elements of your floor plan to make room for a recliner massage chair. For some, this may not be possible. But for others, making room for office massage chairs is no sweat. Some smaller models fit in just about any office workspace.


This issue may not be a problem for everyone, as some individuals prioritize function over style. But if you have concerns about clashing office chair decor with your reclining massage chair for the office, you can match it with your office design easily. 

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Some manufacturers have even considered this when designing their massage chairs. The OHCO R.6, for instance, offers a simple design that will not look out of place in any office setting.

No matter what you choose, at Furniture For Life, we strive to bring you the right solutions for you. Contact us anytime if you need a little help with your purchase or if you have any questions about your chair once it’s actually in your office. You’ll be able to speak with a qualified Comfort Consultant who can assist with answering all of your massage chair and recliner questions.