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Why You Need an Office Massage Chair

An office may not seem like the typical setting for a massage chair, but the right one can provide numerous benefits for people working hard and putting in long hours at the office. And that is true whether your office is outside or within your home.  

This article covers why you should consider a massage chair for your office, how to find the best office massage chair for your needs, and more.

Massage Chair Recliners Support Higher Productivity

It is well known in business that stressed employees are less productive employees. Or put more positively, people with lower stress levels are more productive.

Consequently, having a massage chair you can use or a massage chair for office use generally is more than a simple “perk.” Massage therapy is an effective way to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help people get more done. When you have a massage chair at your office, people can get sessions similar to what a massage therapist would provide whenever their schedules allow and the chair is free. 

Before you know it, the cost of an office massage chair has been covered by the increased productivity. Massage chairs may also make it easier to attract and retain employees, which saves a business time and money and significantly reduces the HR department’s stress level.

Massage Chair Health Benefits

It is no secret that long hours sitting at a desk can negatively impact your health. The consequences can include bad posture, stress on extremities, and chronic back pain, to name just a few. While any reclining chair can help relieve some of this stress, having a massage chair recliner in the office is an even more effective way to address these common problems.

Massage recliners and zero gravity massage chairs aid circulation and reduce tension. In addition, many chairs have programs that can deliver specific types of massage and the associated benefits. For example, a shiatsu massage chair offers precise relief to certain tension areas on the back. So, company owners and office managers who want to see their people and their businesses thrive should consider getting a massage chair for the office—or multiple chairs for larger organizations.

Helping People Leave Their Stress at the Office

Another benefit of having a massage chair for office use is that late-day or post-work sessions can help employees destress before heading home. As a result, they arrive happier and more energized, and that improved state of mind and enhanced wellness can be “contagious.” 

No longer do friends and family brace for the return of a stressed-out, unhappy person. Instead, they look forward to getting a fun evening started! Relaxed people also do not contribute to the chaos and conflict that is so common with work commutes. Is it a stretch to say office massage chairs make the world a better place? Maybe, but it is surely more enjoyable to be part of the solution than the problem.

Positive Posture Sol Massage Chair for sale

Finding the Best Office Massage Chair for Your Needs

When you decide to purchase a massage chair for office use, it is important that you not settle for just any chair. You should learn about the many manufacturers in the industry and the different models and options available. Our friendly and knowledgeable Comfort Consultants can be a valuable resource as you do your research. They will encourage you to consider several factors before you make your decision, including:

Massage Experience

It is common for massage chair shoppers to think about features first. However, what is most important is a massage chair user’s experience during and after a session. 

Sometimes, a chair that “looks great on paper” does not deliver the touted or expected results—at least from your perspective. For that reason, we recommend you get a demo massage in every chair that makes your “shortlist” of candidates, with a Comfort Consultant helping you define that list and then guiding you through the “test drives.”


The price of office massage chairs covers the spectrum from a few thousand dollars to $10,000 or more. Be aware that you do not have to shop at the high end of the cost spectrum to get a high-quality chair. There are certainly chairs on the lower end costwise that have excellent quality and deliver very effective massages. The Katana 700, at under $3,000, is a great example. 

The key when buying a massage chair for work is to have a price range in mind before you start shopping and find the right balance of cost, quality, and functionality.

Available Space

Finding a place to put your massage chair recliner can be challenging. Office massage chairs take up space and require access to electrical outlets. As a result, you may need to re-arrange elements of your floor plan to make room for a recliner massage chair. However, some smaller and wall-hugging models fit in just about any office workspace.


This issue may not be a problem for everyone, as people often prioritize function over aesthetics. But if finding a massage chair design that blends well with your office decor is important to you or others at your company, it is crucial to consider that factor before your chair is delivered.

shiatsu massage chair

Some manufacturers take the ease of “blending in” into account when designing their massage chairs. The OHCO R.6, for instance, offers a simple design that goes well with virtually any office setting.

After-Sales Support and Service

High-quality massage chairs are designed and built to last. Still, you want to purchase from a company that you are confident will stand behind the products they offer. For example, Furniture For Life offers excellent warranties for most of our products. You may never have to use the warranty, but it is nice to know it is there.

Find Your Perfect Office Massage Chair for Work

One of the differences between Furniture For Life and other providers is that we do not want to sell you a massage chair. We want to inform and assist you so you can find a massage chair you want to buy. It is a subtle but important difference that is best understood when you visit one of our showrooms and work with an experienced and attentive Comfort Consultant.

Stop by when you are ready to find the perfect office massage chair!

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