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Massage Chair Remote Control Handset Touch-Screen

Massage chair UI/UX refers to the User Interface and User eXperience. It is the practice of applying interactive and visual design principles to the massage chair controls for a positive and cohesive therapeutic user experience. The user interface is how you control your massage chair’s features and functions. The user experience is how easily the interface works to get you what you request from the interface. At the same time, the remote controls may not be the first thing you consider when you enter the massage chair market. But the user experience is an essential aspect of your massage chair experience. 

The goal when using a massage chair is to feel more relaxed. It is harder to do that when your massage chair’s remote controls are counterintuitive or frustrating. While the massage chair remote is not the product’s feature, it can separate the great chairs from the others.

Understanding Massage Chair Remote Controls

Massage chair settings have become highly advanced over the last couple of decades. Many top-of-the-line massage chair models come equipped with an array of options and modalities for a customizable experience. 

Getting everything needed into an easy-to-navigate remote control system has been a challenge for massage chair manufacturer brands in recent years. Operating these pieces of high-tech furniture requires more than a simple On/Off switch. But the controls still need to be practical and easy to use for everybody. 

In most cases, the manufacturers have successfully created massage chair remote controls, handsets, and touchscreens that are comprehensive and easy to use. 

Here are some of the standard features you will see on your massage chair controls:

  • Corded Remote Controls

Most modern massage chairs have a corded remote control attached to them. While many new technologies are wireless these days, massage chair manufacturers prefer keeping their cords in place. The reason for this is to keep the remote control in place and accessible at all times while the chair is in use. 

First and foremost, cordless remotes are easier to lose. Cordless remote controls can fall out of reach during your massage. If you wish to stop your massage or change any settings while the chair is in use, the remote control must be within reach. Most massage chairs are also equipped with a pouch or holder for the remote control, making it easy to store and reach at all times.

  • Light-up Touch Screens and Navigational Buttons

Another feature you will commonly find on modern massage chair controls is illuminated touch screens and or buttons. This feature allows for easy massage chair utilization in low-light or total dark environments. 

Many users get the most out of their relaxation when they are in a dimly lit space. In these cases, it is impractical to have massage chair remote controls that cannot be viewed in the dark. Soft blue light makes the screens easy to navigate in the dark and even enhances relaxation a little bit more.

  • Massage Chair Apps

While not standard on all massage chair models, a massage chair app to control settings from your phone is offered by some brands. Many users find this feature, with the familiar interface of their phone, easy to use. In combination with other elements, like Bluetooth connectivity, a massage chair app is also convenient. 

Users may already be using their phones in connection with their massage chairs. Combining all the access features into a single device makes the process easier when working correctly.

Massage Chair Remote Control Navigation

The display on your massage chair remote controls will be unique to your model. However, understanding how to navigate your particular massage chair model’s various specific or custom settings will be crucial to your chair’s enjoyment.

Most massage chair remotes will use a digital interface display that lists your various settings. These specific settings might include “Swedish massage,” “Deep tissue massage,” “Shiatsu,” etc. They will also list controls for different body parts (upper/lower back, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, etc.) 

Exploring these massage settings lets you control what kind of massage experience you receive. You can manage your massage’s intensity, style, and duration through these options. 

Many of the latest 2023 massage chairs will often come with preset massage modalities for those who want to jump in quickly. Others will have recommended settings for different types of experiences. For instance, a faster-paced massage can rejuvenate early in the day, while a slower, more relaxing massage can help you unwind in the evening.

Massage Chair High Tech Features

Now that you understand a bit about how massage chair controls work, you may wonder what kind of settings they offer. Specific features and settings will vary from one chair to the next. But one thing that is consistent across all high-end massage chairs is their wide range of massage settings.

Here are some key terms you should know when navigating your massage chair remote controls.

  • Smart Massage Chair

For a massage to be comfortable, it needs to fit the individual’s body. A smart massage chair can actually scan and measure the user’s body size and shape before the session begins to optimize the experience. This is an important feature as many different body types may find themselves seated in a worthwhile massage chair

A massage that’s calibrated for a 6-foot-tall individual will not be the same as one for a 5-foot-tall user. A smart massage chair can measure the user beforehand to identify the size and contour of their body. This setting can pinpoint exactly where your shoulders, neck, head, and lower back begin. These smart massage chair features allow the chair to direct specific pressure with pinpoint accuracy for each user.

Smart massage chairs are similar to Artificial Intelligent or AI massage. AI massage chairs are less common, but can also measure body metrics like heart rate and oxygen levels for even more customization.

  • Bluetooth Massage Chair

As mentioned above, many high-end massage chair models enable Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth functionality grants users more customization options for their massage chair experience. Users can connect their devices to play soothing music or ambient sounds, control the lighting, and more.

  • VR Massage Chair

One last new and exciting feature on some advanced models is the Virtual Reality or VR massage chair functionality. On these models, users can opt to connect a Virtual Reality device to sync up a relaxing VR experience with their massage. VR massages offer a very unique and immersive experience for users looking to maximize their relaxation while using their massage chairs.

Help with your Choice

If you need a little help figuring out which model is perfect for you, don’t worry. Whether you want a VR massage chair, AI massage chair, or Bluetooth massage chair – we can help.

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