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Are Massage Chairs Worth It?

Worthwhile :adjective
worth·while /ˌwərTHˈ(h)wīl/
worth the time, money, or effort spent; of valuable, beneficial, rewarding.


There are lots of reasons to bring a massage chair into your home. Many pain sufferers believe there is no better way to alleviate sore muscles, relax, and reduce stress than having a massage chair in your home that is available 24/7/365. 

A massage chair is a worthwhile investment if you use it regularly. But not everyone is confident that buying a massage chair is the right decision. Massage chairs are a relatively significant investment, so it’s worth asking yourself, “Are massage chairs worth the money?” Consider how often you can use it and if the time spent on it is worthwhile.

Let’s look at some of the most compelling reasons why a massage chair is a worthy investment in yourself.

Massage Chairs v.s. Human Massage Therapists

Investing in a massage chair provides economic benefits over time. As an example, human-applied massage therapy costs about $75 to $80, and a tip is usually assumed. So projecting $100 per massage and one massage per month, this comes to $1,200 per year. In this case, a massage chair costing $5,000 will provide a return on the investment in approximately 4 years.

But how many massage therapy sessions would you really like? One a week? Bi-weekly sessions? If you calculate two massages per month or $200 monthly, the return on investment is only 2 years. If you work out daily, you may want to get a massage two times a week. At that rate, you would start saving after the first year.

A high-quality massage chair with a great warranty will provide many years of massage therapy. By owning a worthy massage chair, you can raise the frequency of massage therapy. The cost justification is clear, particularly when you consider that receiving a high-quality massage at any time could lessen the amount you pay for medical care. Regular massage reduces stress, which has been shown to help alleviate the effects of many nasty ailments and diseases.

So if you are a frequent massage therapist customer or would like to be, massage chairs save money compared to visiting a human massage therapist.

Scheduling Massage Therapy Appointments

You need to schedule an appointment with a human massage therapist at a time that works both for them and you. A massage chair won’t require an appointment. When the moment occurs and time allows, you can just sit down and press the power button. With this level of scheduling flexibility for massage therapy, you can alleviate any time demands.

Regular massage becomes an integral part of the day with a massage chair, transforming massage therapy from a luxury into a necessity. With the burden of scheduling removed, those 20 minutes in a massage chair increase the frequency of your quality time while enhancing your quality of life.

Now that it’s clear you can save time and money with a massage chair, let’s consider the physical and mental side of massage chair benefits.

Why Is a Massage Chair Worthwhile for Relaxation & Stress Relief?

Relaxation + Stress Relief

Stress can often feel unavoidable. Getting a massage and working out the knots in your shoulders and back can go a long way toward stress relief.

Massage therapy is intended to, among other things, promote relaxation. And with that relaxation comes a reduction of stress levels. Reduced stress can have many benefits in your daily life, including better sleep, better mood, and even increased productivity.

Massage chairs offer the benefits of massage in your own home, whenever you want. Just a few minutes a day can drastically reduce stress.

Consider getting a massage chair for your home office or workspace, too! Taking a break or even working while you get a massage can have many benefits. Whether you use a massage chair at home or work, its soothing properties can help clear your mind, improve focus, and reduce stress. Considering these benefits, are even expensive massage chairs worth it? Absolutely!

Massage Chair: Is it Worth It for Physical Relief?

Relief from Pain and Other Ailments

For many, massage therapy is an incredibly effective form of pain relief. The gentle pressure of massage therapy has been shown to reduce pain and promote muscle recovery. Higher-end massage chairs with additional features have shown even better results.

For example, zero gravity massage chairs can put the body in a natural healing posture to promote recovery, improve blood circulation, and reduce swelling and high blood pressure. Zero gravity massage chairs have even shown some relief for conditions like diabetes and varicose veins.

Heated massage chairs are also beneficial for pain relief. In addition to working out sore muscles, the added heat promotes blood flow, soothes soreness, and reduces inflammation.

If you’re looking to purchase a massage chair for pain relief, choosing a chair with these added benefits, designed with that purpose in mind, is the right choice.

Muscle Recovery

If you are an athlete or someone who works a physically demanding job, there are athletic massage chairs that cater to your needs. Like massage chairs with pain relief features, there are chairs with features that promote muscle recovery for greater comfort, relaxation, and even a reduced risk of injury.

Many massage chair settings are designed to aid muscle recovery following strenuous activity. When we think of massage chairs, we immediately imagine one that only targets your back. However, several massage chairs can work out your calves, arms, shoulders, and more.

Additionally, there are massage chairs whose massagers move in a different pattern than others, specifically for muscle recovery.

Brio Sport Massage Chair - reclined

One such massage chair is the Brio Sport from Positive Posture–a massage chair specifically designed for sports recovery.

Research and look for chairs specifically designed for sports and muscle recovery. While it is never a be-all, end-all solution, having a resource in your home to help recover daily can reduce the risk of injury, provide comfort, and deliver short-term pain relief.

You’ve Decided a Massage Chair is Worth It. Now, Where Do You Find One? 

You’ve answered three questions at this point: Do massage chairs work? (Yes.) Are massage chairs good for you? (Yes.) Are massage chairs worth the money? (Yes.) Now that you’re aware of massage chair benefits, it may help to know about different massage chairs for sale.

Furniture For Life offers The World’s Best Massage Chairs®—a curated selection of globally-recognized brands including OHCO, Panasonic, Positive Posture, D.Core, and Katana.

Each massage chair model offers unique settings, which provide different benefits for different personal needs. Be sure to research each model when considering which massage chair best suits you.

Furniture For Life is a leading provider of high-quality, best-in-class massage chairs at a wide range of prices. Stay up to date with the latest massage chairs on sale now. Or to learn more about massage chairs and other therapeutic furniture, visit our Learning Center.

Massage Chairs For Sale

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