Sciatica Pain Relief From Massage Chairs

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When sciatica pain happens, you instantly know.

You’re doing something normal, like picking something up off the floor. All of a sudden that familiar pain quickly spreads through your back and legs. When your sciatica pain flares up, it’s impossible to ignore and can interrupt your plans for days or weeks.

Adjusting your life and habits to ease that pain is not always easy. In fact, according to Web MD, one of the main ways to deal with sciatica pain relief is to let time pass, which can be frustrating.

There are some tried and true things you can do to help ease your pain in the meantime, like stretches, lying on the floor, and even getting a massage. When sciatica pain happens it can be hard to leave your house, but there are other ways to experience a massage.

Stop suffering and get the sciatica pain relief you deserve. Massage chair sciatica treatment therapy can change how you experience recovery. Read on to learn how to bring a relieving massage to you, instead of the other way around.

The Benefits of a Massage Chair

Sciatica pain is a pain that runs along your sciatic nerve and mostly affects your mid to lower back, your buttocks, and your legs. Usually, those who suffer from sciatica only feel the pain on one side of their body.

There are a few ways to help manage your pain. Regular resting, especially on a hard surface, like the floor, is helpful.

There are also physical therapy moves that can help you stretch safely to relieve some of your pain.

Massages can help ease your pain by relaxing tight muscles and improving your blood circulation. Massages are also proven to reduce stress, improve your energy, and can lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

While massages can improve your life in many ways, it’s not always practical to buy a professional massage. Especially when your pain is recurring and you may need a massage multiple times a day during flare-ups.

When your muscles are tense, they can aggravate your sciatic nerve by pressing down on it. A massage chair can relax tense muscles, which can minimize the pressure placed on your nerve, all without leaving your home. 

Additionally, a massage chair can offer you a customized massage, so you can focus on more personal areas, like your glutes. Massaging glutes is one of the best pain reliefs you can experience when your sciatica symptoms are flaring up.

Massages That Are Best for Relieving Sciatica Pain

Massages, no matter what kind, always feel great and bring relief. But certain techniques will help ease the pain caused by your sciatic nerve more than others. 

A deep tissue massage will be aggressive enough to relieve tension from muscles. It is designed to aid in recovery for muscle strains, like sciatic nerve pain.

According to Healthline, a study found that a 30-minute deep tissue massage for five days a week could help treat sciatica pain in a two-week period.

A Swedish massage is an ideal alternative if a deep tissue massage is too intense for your preferences. This technique combines long, gliding strokes with kneading and varying pressures to stimulate circulation in muscles.  

A Swedish massage is not as intense as a deep tissue massage, but it will bring more relaxation than a deep tissue massage session, which can sometimes leave you hurting from the intense pressure.

A shiatsu massage is a type of massage that was first developed in Japan. It involves applying deep pressure in a continuing sequence to points on the body that are connected by energy pathways called meridians.

Stimulating these points promotes a flow of energy and is thought to promote healing. It is designed to be applied with hard pressure, but not so much that it causes pain.

Each massage has its benefits and you can learn what works best for you with the help of your massage chair. Some chairs offer both massage techniques, giving you more freedom to choose a customized relief plan.

What Kind of Chair Is Best for Sciatica Pain Relief?

There are many different kinds of massage chairs to consider when looking to purchase one, but not every chair is equally helpful for a specific pain like sciatic nerve pain.

Positive Posture’s Brio Sport Massage Chair is specifically designed for recovery, so it’s perfect for sciatica pain. This chair reduces inflammation and swelling, muscle tension, and chronic stress. It also improves muscle recovery, flexibility, and blood circulation. 

This chair will offer you a deep tissue massage that can roll, knead, and press into you with its L-Track massage path that is designed to hit all the spots you need, from the back of your head to your glutes for that perfect, relieving butt massage.

On top of offering sciatica pain relief, this chair also offers a foot and calf massage, heat capabilities, an easy-to-use remote, and a USB charging port.

Panasonic’s MAJ7 Massage Chair is another alternative that can offer healing for your lower back and legs. It was designed to replicate the touch of human hands and marries modern design with the ancient arts of healing massages. 

This chair’s air cells will target your sciatic nerve pain by lifting and repositioning your body. Tending to your glutes and upper hamstrings and relieve stiff hips. These are the areas most often affected by sciatica pain, so targeting them will bring the relief you seek.

Best of all, this chair utilizes several types of massage techniques to suit whatever you may need. It offers Shiatsu and elements of a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage, as well as many other various techniques.

Get On the Road to Recovery

Now that you know your options when it comes to massage chairs. You can make an informed decision to help get you on track towards sciatica pain relief.

Don’t let sciatica pain stop you from living the comfortable life you deserve. Visit a showroom today to thoroughly view all your options. Now that you know what kinds of massages chairs and features will be best for easing your pain.

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