How a Space-Saving Massage Chair Provides Relief with Room to Spare

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Space-saving massage chairs

Have you always wanted a massage chair but felt you just didn’t have the space required? You are not alone!

After all, many brands and models of these types of chairs tend to be bulky even before you utilize the reclining option. Luckily, many top massage chair companies have kept you and your situation in mind. Introducing: Space-saving Massage Chairs

These chairs are designed to function better in small rooms or crowded spaces. Keep reading to discover how these chairs can provide the same quality relief without taking up all that space! 

Why Space-Saving Massage Chairs?

Space-saving massage chairs can offer you the same amount of relaxation as large chairs, all while taking up less space. A lot of people are looking for massage chairs for small rooms — after all, the average apartment size in the US is under 1000 square feet. But most chairs, especially if you recline, can take up a ton of space. 

That’s where these more compact chairs come in. In general, the chairs are smaller and feature space-saving features. Let’s look at some of those features now!

Wall Hugging

These chairs are also known as wall-saver chairs. They are designed so they can be placed closer to the walls of your room. Not only is this better for design purposes (your massage chair won’t be floating out in the middle of the room) it works to save space as well. 

Don’t worry, these chairs will still recline. They will just recline in such a way that doesn’t require them to lean back towards the wall as much. Your average massage chair requires about two and a half feet of space behind it to fully recline! 

In order to avoid the need for this, wall-hugging massage chairs feature a track that actually moves the chair forward when you recline. In this way, you can have a chair that only requires four to five inches of space behind it to fully recline. 

While this can still take up space when you are reclined, it is only temporary. When not in use you won’t have to worry about your room being dominated by your chair. Massage is so useful for maintaining a healthy and balanced life, but you don’t need to sacrifice your decor for your chair! 

Compact Recline

With this type of ability, massage chair companies have figured out how to shrink the footprint of the actual recline. This is excellent for those looking for massage chairs for crowded rooms. Because the chair might not be able to be against a wall, these chairs work better because they are more compact in their entirety.

Some massage chairs can still fully recline with just a few inches! This means even when the chair is in use, it won’t be taking up too much space. This is perfect for people with a lot of furniture already.

Typically these chairs also have wall-hugging capabilities, where they can be placed within three to six inches of a wall. But instead of moving out forwards, they rotate downwards. This results in a far smaller footprint than even a wall-hugging chair. 

You also don’t need to worry about the design of your space as much with these chairs. Just follow simple furniture arranging tips and your room will be beautiful and relaxing.  

What Are Some Best Space-Saving Massage Chairs? 

There are several brands that keep individuals with space-saving needs in mind. Some focus on the wall-saving ability and others work to make the entire chair more compact. Let’s look at a few examples of chair brands that have these features. 


The OHCO brand features several space-saving massage chairs. What makes this brand unique is its commitment to design. When someone is concerned about their space, they are likely also concerned about the design. 

These chairs are both beautiful and of superior quality. So, not only will it be an amazing upgrade for your at-home health and recovery but it will also be nice looking. Many regular massage chairs are, well, not the nicest looking. 

OHCO changes that while also providing tons of features and space-saving abilities. These chairs hug the wall with only around six inches of needed clearance. OHCO chairs also have the space-saving downward rotation that’s crucial for minimizing your chair’s footprint. 

In particular, the OHCO M.8 LE is a stylish and compact option. You’ll be shocked to learn that features such as zero gravity aren’t missing from this wall-hugging chair. Fun features include Bluetooth connectivity and aromatherapy! 

Positive Posture

These Positive Posture massage chairs are some of the best for wall-hugging capabilities. These chairs typically need only around four inches of space from the wall. This brand proves that you can have specialized features without needing to take up tons of space. 

Positive Posture focuses on those who need recovery or who are athletes. Who knew you could have arm, hand, foot, leg, and body massage capabilities all in one more compact chair? 

For many people, massage chairs aren’t just for relaxation, they are for health reasons. For those that need massages frequently, a chair becomes something of a necessity. The last thing you want in a massage chair for health is for it to completely dominate your living space. 

Luckily, brands like Positive Posture keep your needs in mind. If you keep researching, you are sure to find a chair that matches your individual desires perfectly! 

From this brand, the Positive Posture Brio+ is a fantastic option to suit many people’s desires. From your neck to your feet you can experience full-body bliss in a space-saving form! When it comes to fun features, this chair includes chromotherapy or automatic color therapy. 

What Else Should I Know About Space-Saving Chairs? 

Researching massage chairs can be confusing. Now that you know about the benefits of space-saving massage chairs, you’re probably wondering where you can find one to purchase.

Furniture for Life is committed to providing a variety of compact chairs to suit your individual wants and needs. Check out our selection of wall-hugging massage chairs today to find your ideal match! 

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