What is a Massage Chair L-Track, S-Track?

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The market for personal massage equipment is growing exponentially. If you’re just dipping your first toe into the world of massage chairs, you’re sure to be amazed. Who knew there could be so many different factors to selecting the best chair for you?

Types of rollers, tracks, 2D, 3D, 4D massage chairs – which one is just right? It can be overwhelming! 

It’s a sure bet that you want an easy guide to the type of massage chairs out there. That’s where this post is sure to come in handy! We’ll answer all your burning questions about L-track vs S-Track massage chairs. 

Massage Chair Basics

When you’re looking to purchase a massage chair there can be a lot of terminology being thrown your way. With that in mind, here is a quick glossary of terms to keep in mind as you’re browsing. 


Rollers are simply the mechanism of doing the leg work for the massage chair. The rollers are part of a track that runs along the back of the chair, where you will be sitting. There can also be tracks in the footrests that have rollers as well. 

Some nodes can be fixed in less expensive chairs, but these can be painful and don’t conform to most people’s bodies. Because of this, it cannot be recommended to purchase a chair with fixed rollers. 

The rollers perform the various types of massage that your chair might offer. The selection can range from shiatsu to Swedish or tapping motions. It’s important to keep the rollers in mind because they control how long, or how much of your body can be massaged. 

Many people specifically want a Shiatsu-style massage from their chair. If you are looking for this in particular, be sure to check out our offerings like the Panasonic MAJ7


Zero-Gravity refers to a massage chair that can recline in a specific and special way. By moving your body to a “weightless” position, your body can begin to relax certain muscles.

When sitting or standing in regular situations, your body is almost always utilizing muscles in the neck and spine. The goal of Zero-Gravity is to place less stress on these muscles and give them a chance to relax. Check out our Zero-Gravity style chairs to learn more. 


This is another form of a reclining chair, but it doesn’t make you weightless. Rather, it “inverts” your body’s normal position. In a sub 180 degree “over-recline” your head is slightly down and your feet are higher.

Those with spinal issues can experience some additional relief through decompression. The position can also increase blood flow to have a soothing effect on the body. 

L-Track vs. S-Track

The difference between L-Track and S-Track massage chairs is simple. Both refer to the roller track that goes down the back of the chair.

An S-Track runs in the traditional back area, without curving under to reach your buttocks or legs. An L-Track is an extension of the standard S-Track. Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym and strengthening your legs? The L-Track will extend to work the muscles of the glutes and hamstrings. 

2D, 3D, And 4D Massage Chairs 

When it comes to deciding between the functions of 2D, 3D, and 4D it’s important to remember that they do not determine how much of your body is massaged. That is down to the roller track. Rather, this factor determines the intensity and movement capabilities. 

2D Massage Chairs

2D stands for 2 dimensions. This indicates that the rollers in your chair move in just two directions (up and down and side to side). Or, to be more descriptive, these rollers function on the X and Y-axis. 

These chairs are almost exclusively found in S-Track-type massage chairs only. At the time, this capability was revolutionary. However, technology has moved forward considerably in just a few short years. 

When it comes to giving you the perfect at-home massage. 3D and 4D style massage chairs offer far more articulation and finesse than others. 

3D Massage Chairs

Since the 2D works on two dimensions, it follows that 3D works on three dimensions. The rollers in a 3D-style massage chair work up and down and side to side, as well as in and out motions. Or, the X, Y, and Z-axis. 

With the in and out motions on the Z-axis, you can expect a far more fulfilling massage. By mimicking the motions of a real masseuse’s hands, you can simulate more intricate massage styles with accuracy. 

In quality massage chairs you can easily adjust the intensity of the rollers. This means your chair is more customizable, and easily adapts to anyone who uses it. 

4D Massage Chairs

The latest in massage chair technology, 4D can be a bit of a misnomer. While each of the previous iterations has added a dimension, 4D adds quality.

With rollers that protrude further, 4D brings far more customization. The ability to change speeds, massage styles, intensity, and depth allows the chair to adapt to you. As you become more loose and relaxed, you will surely enjoy deepening the intensity. 

A 4D capable chair can work with your ever-changing needs. It brings a level of human personalization to the table that cannot be matched otherwise. If you are looking to simulate an in-person massage, 4D is for you. 

Which Massage Chair is Right For You? 

In short, it all depends on what you are looking for. Do you care about massaging your glutes? Do you want to experience weightlessness? 

Now that you know about all of the amazing basic features many modern massage chairs offer. It’s time to keep learning. Check out our full-body massage chairs to learn how you can take your relaxation time to the next level! 

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