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3D Massage Chairs

3D Massage Chair

What is a 3D massage chair, and why is that feature important?

The D in 2D, 3D, and 4D stands for dimension. The main mechanism in a massage chair has a fixed set of possible movements. These degrees of freedom of movement are inherent in the design and engineering of the main massage mechanism, and this design determines the dimensions of movement.

To understand 3D technology, it helps to cover a little history of the development of the market. Early model high-end massage chairs were limited to 2D movement: up and down, and left to right. Some early 2D chairs felt  pretty good, but with these early 2D designs, it was not possible to vary the depth and intensity of the massage without adding or removing padding on the chair back. 

Can you still find 2D massage chairs today in general circulation? The answer is a resounding yes! Most less expensive chairs (under $2500 give or take) tend to be 2D, as are all the mall chairs with bill acceptors or credit card swipers, and just about 100% of the back massage chairs you see at nail salons are 2D. But, a chair with 2D technology offers users limited capability. At the better-quality end of the market, 2D massage technology is outdated in the full-featured, full-body massage chair class.

3D massage rollers add a third dimension: forward and back. They’re able to protrude (or push into) muscle tissue and more effectively mobilize your spine—2D action mobilizes the spine as well, but not nearly as much. 3D massage chairs are also easier to customize. From options on a remote, you can choose a firm massage or a gentle massage based on your preference. A chair used by more than one person can be adjusted to suit the preference of the user. People’s tastes change over time, too. What feels intense to a novice user of massage chairs may feel too soft over time as their tastes change. 3D massage chairs can grow with you.

Furthermore, if the programming of a 3D chair is carefully designed, the in/out movement of the mechanism’s rollers will add nuance and complexity to the movements. This is a good thing because —done right—it feels very life-like and human. When all 3 dimensions (or degrees) of movement are designed by experts and thoroughly tested for sensation, the result is a beautiful symphony of movement.

3D is now a basic feature of higher-end massage chairs. You will find it offered with all top-quality massage chairs.