4D Massage Chairs

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4D Massage Chairs

If you’ve been shopping for a massage chair for more than a few minutes, you will have encountered “4D massage chairs.” No, you haven’t wandered into the Twilight Zone!

As you would expect, the D does indeed stand for “dimension.” While a 4D chair does not transport you in time, a well-designed 4D can take your mind into space! 3D massage chair technology is common in 2022 massage chairs.

Dimensional Massage Chairs

Let’s backtrack a bit; the three dimensions in a 3D massage chair are the original two dimensions: up and down and side to side—those have been around for a long time—plus the relatively new introduction, the third dimension: in and out. A 3D chair offers varying massage intensity to provide the depth and intensity (or gentleness) you desire from your chair. Explore more about 3D massage chairs.

The Fourth Dimension

So, what do people mean by the fourth dimension in the massage chair industry? Speed. Specifically, the up and down rolling speed of the massage mechanism along the chair’s tracks. 2D massage chairs and 3D chairs are capable of one constant up and down roller speed that the manufacturer has set and (due to the design approach is taken) can never vary.

4D Massage Chair Performance

The ability to change up and down rolling speeds makes a 4D massage chair perform with even greater sophistication, even more like a human masseuse. The increase in depth and intensity, coupled with variable speed of movement along your back, can — in a well-choreographed chair —make you feel you are in the capable hands of a shiatsu master. And as always, a reclining 4D massage chair that offers a True Zero-Gravity® position can make your experience even more relaxing and more therapeutic.

Multiple Dimensional Massage Chair Technologies

Other features are available in the massage chair market in 2022. For instance, heated massage or L-track massage can take your massage experience and delight even further. When you enter the world of 4-D Massage Chair technology, you may feel as if you’re traveling into space, and many of our customers report that this is EXACTLY what our selection of 4D chairs does for them!

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