What is a Body Scanning Massage Chair?

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Body Scan Massage Chair

Are you on the market for a massage chair with the best design, features, and technology?

If you’ve already done a little digging, you know that the best full-body massage chairs are powered in part by body scanning technology.

A massage chair body scanner can make you feel like you’re at an appointment with your favorite massage therapist. It allows you to receive a personalized massage right at home every day.

So what are full-body scan massage chairs? How do they work, and how can they reduce stress and pain and improve your daily life? Here’s a complete guide to help you discover the best therapeutic massage chair for your needs.

What is a Massage Chair’s Body Scanner?

Massage chairs with full-body scanning technology are designed to give you a precise and targeted massage. That means that the scanners can detect your height to maintain the massage solely on your body.

The best therapeutic massage chairs have 3D or 4D body scanning, which simply means the scanning technology is more advanced and can detect more intricate subtleties in body shape and size. That means these chairs are the ultimate massagers for pain relief and to de-stress.

How Does It Work?

body scan massage chairThe scanner works by using a pressure sensor.

It starts massaging at the bottom of your back and slowly moves up in a rubbing motion. When the massager reaches the top of your back, the chair detects that and can begin moving back down again. This way, your chair doesn’t waste time massaging the empty area above your head.

If the massage chair also includes a leg massage, then it may feature leg length scanning.

When you sit down in some massage chairs, you will manually extend the legs to the right position by applying pressure on the spring movement mechanism. If your chair has leg-length body scanning, it will automatically contract until it makes contact with your feet.

3D and 4D scanners are more advanced. They create a map of your back so that your massage applies pressure in all the right places. They can analyze your width and rib cage to create the most personal massage possible.

Top Benefits of a Body Scanning Massage Chair

Your new body scanning massage chair can improve your quality of life in so many ways. Not only do you get a personalized massage at home, but you also have more access to stress and pain relief daily.

Mimics Your Masseuse

The number one benefit of purchasing a massage chair with body scanning capabilities is that you get professional-level massage therapy at home.

Take the OHCO M.8LE massage chair. It’s powered by the Sens8 4D engine, a scanning technology that was also specifically designed to apply pressure to your back in a way that mimics a massage therapist’s touch.

Body scanning features create a more authentic massage that feels like a real human being is giving you a massage. That means that when you invest in your chair, you’ll be able to receive professional-level massages every single day right at home. What could beat that?

Personalize Your Body Scanning Massage Chair

Because the body scanning massage chair uses an algorithm to detect data on your back and body, they can use that data to create the perfect massage for your needs. Not only that, but you can often put in manual input to adjust the massage to your liking.

If you see a massage therapist regularly, you know how important it is to find the right type of massage for you. It can often take months to find the right massage therapist who applies the right amount of pressure in the perfect spot.

Thankfully, body scanning massage chairs can learn what’s best for you very quickly and apply as much pressure as you want.

The Cirrus massage chair by D.Core features a 3D+ True Action Shiatsu Mechanism to deliver you with an authentic Shiatsu massage every day. It’s also powered by the Deep Core operating system, which enhances the precision of the chair’s movements to fit your personal shape, size, and preferences.

Stress and Pain Relief

Because massage chairs with body scanning capabilities can personalize your massage with ease and feel like an actual massage therapist, they have so much more potential for stress relief, reducing body aches, and pain management than less advanced chairs or massage therapists.

While your masseuse may know you well and exactly how to ease your pain, a 3D or 4D body scanning chair can do the same. The only difference is that you don’t have to go into the spa to get rubbed. Simply drive home from work, plop down into your massage chair, and turn it on.

You can use your massage chair every day, but it may be harder to see your massage therapist quite as often. She may have other appointments booked up and can’t spend all of her time on one patient.

Daily massages can make a huge impact on your stress and pain levels! They help reduce soreness and aching. If you feel better after seeing a massage therapist once a week, then how will you feel when you use your chair daily?

Body scanning chairs can reduce your pain and stress much more than your typical massage chair because they are in tune with your body. Your chair will know exactly what you need, while a chair without this technology mechanically moves in a rubbing motion.

Anyone Can Reap the Rewards of a Body Scanning Massage Chair!

Anyone can benefit from investing in a body scanning massage chair. However, some people may be more interested in its benefits than others.

If you suffer from chronic pain or stress, these massage chairs are a fantastic investment. You won’t have to leave your house for your treatment, and you can access it daily.

That means athletes, police officers, firefighters, dancers, and construction workers alike will see a huge improvement in their stress levels and pain management if they choose to purchase one of these incredible chairs.

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