Can Massage Chairs Help With Meditation?

Meditation has become an increasingly popular practice among all types of people for a variety of reasons. According to a Fitbit study, practicing meditation increased globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Meditation is an age-old practice that has consistently helped people reach inner stillness. Whether you’re finishing up a yoga workout by meditating or just looking to calm your mind and relieve your stress, meditation has many benefits. For example, meditation has been reported to enhance focus, lengthen attention spans, and create emotional resilience.

When we’re relaxed while our bodies are alert, we’re ready for anything, and our body is in a state of healing. When people practice regular meditation, they strengthen their prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the portion of the brain responsible for focused concentration and decision-making.

Many believe that supplementing your meditation with massage can be even more beneficial.

Let’s explore how:

  • Of course, massage is also a very ancient therapy with its list of health benefits. These include increased blood flow throughout the body, increased energy levels, quicker muscle recovery, and improved sleep. 
  • It can also boost yoga practices by increasing flexibility and has been known to improve mood by reducing pain levels and stress and promoting relaxation. 
  • But frequent massages can be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, many massage chairs offer these same benefits from the comfort of your own home and even within your meditation space.

Power Practices: Massage Chair Meditation

You enjoy improved circulation and reduced tension all week long when you use a massage chair daily. These benefits also can be a powerful tool for maintaining reduced blood pressure. 

Similarly, regular meditation has also been linked to lower blood pressure. Combining the two can make the process easier and even further reduce blood pressure.

Many massage chairs used for meditation are equipped with BlueTooth speakers, allowing you to listen to relaxing music or a guided meditation session while you unwind. While your mind relaxes, the massage chair works out the physical manifestations of your stress. 

Utilizing a massage chair with meditation sessions can improve their respective effects significantly. Each day, when you set aside time to sit in your meditation massage chair, you reduce your anxiety and increase inner awareness to great extents. 

Whether together or separate, massage chairs and meditation are both beneficial and can even strengthen the effects of one another.

Are Bargain Massage Chairs a Bad Sign?

Some people may find massage chair meditation overstimulating. But for many, meditating in a massage chair can be a beneficial practice. If you intend to practice massage chair meditation in your meditation room, it might be difficult with a simple model that only follows a 2D track. If you are not very experienced in the art of meditation, physical discomfort may interrupt your focus easily. 

On the other hand, additional features for your chair massage, such as massage music and zero-gravity reclining technology, can allow you to feel weightless and let you sink deeper into meditation. Many users often wake up rejuvenated after a short nap in their massage chairs after a mediation session. Even without meditation, users may also fall asleep in a massage chair.

Remember what you’re buying this chair for, and familiarize yourself with your needs and preferences. If you want just a massage chair to meditate in, a simpler model will be just fine. However, you should consider a higher-end massage chair model if you want to enjoy other options like heat, zero-gravity recline, deep muscle recovery, shiatsu and more

How Should You Choose the Best Massage Chair  For Meditation?

With some meditation and massage chair research, you will eventually find the perfect massage chair to combine with your meditation. Be sure to outline your needs and budget for your meditation chair, and get educated on all the features you can have in a massage chair. Once you know what you want, you can start narrowing it down to your favorite and most needed options.

We always recommend chatting with a professional; it may be good to talk with your doctor about it before making a purchase.

If you can’t figure out how to choose the best meditation massage chair or otherwise for you, try out this free quiz. It will also ask you some questions to learn about your needs and style preferences. 

If you want to try out a meditation chair in person, use this convenient store locator to see if there is a physical location near you. 

If there’s no location for massage chairs near you, call and ask us about our 90-day in-home trials, so you can feel the effects before you finalize the transaction for your meditation chair.

No matter what you choose, at Furniture For Life, we strive to bring you the right solutions for your needs. Contact us anytime if you need a little help with your purchase or have questions about your chair once it’s home. You’ll be able to speak with a real human comfort consultant who can answer any of your massage chair or therapeutic furniture questions immediately. 

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