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How Much Is a Massage Chair?

The Cost of Massage Chairs

Massages provide a wide variety of benefits for the body and mind. Still, it is true that a high-quality massage chair is a significant purchase. Consequently, you may look at a massage chair price and wonder, “Is it worth it?” That’s a great question and one consumers should ask themselves—about massage chairs and every other major purchase.

If you want to buy with confidence, you should do your homework before you lay down the payment. Let’s review some massage chair costs to determine the real price and tremendous value of a luxury massage chair.

What You Pay for Massages vs. the Cost of Massage Chairs

Imagine you get weekly massage therapy and visit the chiropractor or physical therapist every month. That is not uncommon for people who want to feel healthy and energized. In other words, you are accustomed to paying for the care and maintenance of your one-and-only body. If that is the case, you probably are spending $100 to $150 a week (and maybe more depending on where you live) for these services.

At 52 weeks, that puts your expenses at $5,000 to $8,000 per year. Now, maybe you don’t go that often. Still, the monetary outlay will probably surprise you when you stop to think about it. That’s especially true if you’re in the habit of paying for the services and no longer consciously register the costs. 

How much does a massage chair cost? We will consider the price of a top-quality massage chair with the best options and features available. It will run you $6,000 to $10,000. That is a sum that will certainly get your attention. However, in a little over one year, even the top-of-the-line massage chair will have paid for itself. 

So, to summarize, you really have to ask yourself two questions: “How much is a massage chair?” and “What am I paying continually for the services a massage chair can provide?”  

Also, beware low-cost ($1,000-5,000) massage chairs that appear to have all the same features as those with higher price tags. You will likely find that the differences lie beneath the surface in the quality of the construction, warranty length and coverage, and the feel and effectiveness of the massage.

Massage Chair Cost vs. Value

When you compare massage chair cost to the value these technological marvels provide, it gets even better. Your massage chair is available 24/7/365. Early in the morning, late at night, on weekends and holidays—your in-house “massage therapist” is waiting for you. And you spend zero time and nothing on gas or vehicle wear-and-tear in getting to your massage chair. Tallying those costs helps you see that your massage chair is an even better investment.

You should also keep this in mind: with massage, as with so many actions you take to care for your body and mind, frequency matters. Just as you wouldn’t exercise once a week and expect to see great results, massage once per month or even once per week is far less effective than more regular sessions. 

We all understand this intuitively. Most people would choose to see their massage therapist far more often if it were more cost-effective, convenient, and less demanding on time. A high-quality massage chair checks all of these boxes.

The Cost of a Massage Chair: Other “Value” Considerations

When considering the cost of a massage chair, it is also important to understand other benefits from working with Furniture For Life. This includes things like the warranty you get from top manufacturers and the financing we can provide. Plus, we offer a 90-day, risk-free in-home trial, and free delivery on many of our chairs.

Massage Chair Price Assessments for People New to Massage

If you have never had a massage and are wondering, “How much are massage chairs?” your overall assessment of the purchase will be a little different. But you should understand that the combination of components working in concert in a full-body massage chair can cover far more real estate than a massage therapist’s two hands in a much shorter period. 

That makes a chair massage perfect for times when you’re in a rush but desperately need some body work. A leisurely massage is a wonderful thing, but a thorough-yet-concise session can also be fantastic.

So, circling back, how much is a massage chair? You can purchase a high-quality massage chair that will serve you faithfully for many years for around $6,000. However, any way you look at it, a luxury massage chair is a great investment in your health and happiness.

When you hear people say things like, “You can’t put a price on your well-being,” they have discovered an important truth. If someone said, “I can ensure that one month from today (if not sooner), you will have fewer aches and pains in your muscles, carry less stress in your neck and shoulders, sleep better, enjoy significantly faster recovery from exercise and other vigorous activity, have more energy during the day, and sleep better at night,” that would get your attention, right? 

And your first question probably would not be, “What’s the cost?” That’s because those kinds of improvements are what many people would consider priceless. 

Yes, we all have limitations to our finances, so the claim that, “Cost is no object,” is not realistic. But the point is that when looking at massage chair prices, you need to stack them up against the extremely high value of your health and happiness. 

However, you should not take our word (or anyone’s) on the benefits of massage chairs. Instead, you should visit a Furniture For Life location, work with one of our Comfort Consultants to find a group of chairs whose features align with your needs, and then try each of the chairs to see how your body responds. Getting the full effect of a massage regimen takes many uses, but even after one trial session, you will understand the tremendous potential of regular massages.

Helpful Massage Chair Financing Options

Having done the math on massage chair costs versus service costs, you now know that for far less monthly than the out-of-pocket expense of visits to massage therapists or other bodywork professionals, you can have a massage chair in your living room… or den… or (better yet) your bedroom. 

Even the cost of a massage chair with the most advanced functionality will be less than $200 per month for a fixed period if you qualify for one of our massage chair financing programs. Best of all, most financing programs are offered at ZERO COST to you. 

Your payments to a massage therapist? They deliver a short-term benefit but no long-term return. 

For more information, visit our financing options page.

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