How To Care for Your Massage Chair

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How to care for your massage chair

Best 5 Massage Chair Care Tips

Wondering how to care for your massage chair so that you can get many years of great massages at home?

Here are a few simple steps to keeping your chair looking good and operating properly.

  1. Initially, it’s important to make sure your chair is clear of dust and dirt. Use a soft towel to dust off all parts of your massage chair.
  2. Firstly, this is also a good opportunity to confirm that your massage chair is plugged into a high-quality surge protector. Secondly, make sure the surge protector you’re using has a protection rating of  2,000 joules or more. Going “cheap and cheerful” with a surge protector is not the best way to protect the considerable investment you have made in your chair.
  3. Use a vacuum with a soft attachment to gently dislodge and suck dirt particles out of hard-to-reach areas. There’s a lot of movement in a massage chair, and because of this, even small crumbs and dirt may result in excessive fabric wear. This is a priority task for long-term massage chair care.
  4. Keeping the fabric as flat as possible. Not allowing it to remain bunched up will also help prevent excessive wear. This might require opening some zippers or flipping some of the pads to the rear of your chair. This is for you to visually inspect fabric areas. Do you have any other massage chair care questions about these steps, please contact a Chair Doctor for hints, tips, and details.
  5. Does your massage chair have a buffer pad? Double-check to make sure the buffer pad is installed correctly. If it bunched up and not laying properly in its position, the chair may not operate as it should.

Above all, be sure to enjoy your massage chair as much as possible

Following these Massage Chair Care steps will ensure years of health & wellness and relaxation satisfaction to you as well as others in your household.

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