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Massage Chair Maintenance: How To Care for Your Chair

Massage Chair Maintenance: How To Care for Your Chair

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6 Important Massage Chair Care Tips

If you have purchased a massage chair from our carefully curated collection, you can rest assured that it was constructed from high-quality materials and built to serve you faithfully for many years. Still, even the most well-designed and durable massage chairs can benefit from regular care.

It only takes a few minutes now and then to complete a few simple care tasks to maintain your massage chair. And to reward yourself after giving your chair a little TLC, you can, of course, have a seat and enjoy a relaxing session!

How To Maintain Your Massage Chair

Completing the six steps below periodically will help keep your massage chair clean, comfortable, and running smoothly.

  1. A cleaning session—particularly your first one—is a good opportunity to confirm your massage chair is plugged into a high-quality surge protector. It should have a protection rating of  2,000 joules or more, as you need to ensure it will protect the considerable investment you have made in your massage chair.
  2. The next thing you may be curious about is how to clean a massage chair. It is important to ensure your chair is free of dust, dirt, hair, and pet fur. That said, you may wonder, “What can I use to clean a massage chair?” For this first step, all you need is a clean, soft towel to dust all parts of your massage chair.
  3. Next use a vacuum with a soft attachment to gently dislodge and suck dirt particles out of hard-to-reach areas. There is a significant amount of movement in a massage chair, and consequently, even small bits of debris and dirt can cause excessive fabric wear. Getting rid of foreign particles is a high-priority task as you care for your massage chair.
  4. As you assess different parts of your chair, try to keep the fabric as flat as possible. Bunching is another source of excessive fabric wear and one that can be easily avoided. It may require opening some zippers or flipping some of the pads to the rear of your chair, but it only takes a few minutes to get the fabric to lay flat.
  5. Does your massage chair have a buffer pad? If so, double-check that the buffer pad is installed correctly. If it is bunched up and not laying properly in its position, the chair may not operate as it should.
  6. If your massage chair has vinyl, leather, or similar materials, use whatever mild cleaning product or solution the manufacturer recommends to clean them. Pay particular attention to surfaces that come into contact with skin, like the armrests. Allow cleaning products to dry before using your massage chair.

Other Considerations for Massage Chair Maintenance

Be aware that there are other steps you can take to protect your massage chair and keep it looking and operating like new. For example:

  • If possible, position your chair in the room to minimize its exposure to direct sunlight. The sun’s rays can cause materials to fade, dry, and crack. 
  • Avoid eating and drinking when using your massage chair. Spills can stain or otherwise damage fabrics. They may also harm the chair’s electronics. 
  • Be mindful of the chair’s weight capacity and don’t exceed it by, for example, having someone join you on the chair. 
  • If your chair makes strange noises, produces unpleasant smells, or otherwise seems to be functioning oddly, stop your session, power down the chair, and arrange for service from a qualified technician. See below for information on our technical assistance resources.
  • Use your chair regularly. That may seem counterintuitive, but giving its components frequent “workouts” helps the chair stay in good condition. And the same can be said for those using it!

Care For Your Massage Chair Pays Off

Your advanced massage chair is a rugged device built to meet your needs for many years. But the care you provide can help maximize its longevity. Plus, chairs from top brands like OHCO, Positive Posture, Panasonic, D.Core, KAI, KOYO, and Katana are also works of art in their own right, so you will want to keep yours clean and looking its best! 

If a problem arises, remember that Furniture For Life has the industry’s best warranties. From our U.S.-based customer service call center to our nationwide network of repair technicians, we ensure that any issues that might occur are addressed promptly and fully.

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