How to Choose a Massage Chair?

Shopping for a massage chair is often compared to choosing something to watch on Netflix. With such a large selection of massage chair brands and models, many users end up just giving up and doing something else. They’re experiencing choice paralysis. With so many choices of massage chairs for sale to choose from, there’s a lot to consider. Deciding to invest in a massage chair, you will have many questions to prioritize and answer first to narrow down your options to make the best choice.

First, you should lay out precisely what you want to get out of a massage chair, such as the features and modality of the massage. It’s best to consider a model that suits your body type and focuses on the specific benefits you’re looking to incorporate into your therapy. Also, prioritize the width of the chair to be less than the size of the door opening because you’ll want to purchase a massage chair in a size that fits through the door. 

Once you’ve determined that, you can start figuring out your budget. Quality massage chairs are a big purchase, and it’s worth thinking about how to choose a massage chair you’ll love. 

It can be challenging to fathom investing in a massage chair, and you might consider choosing a more affordable option. While many affordable massage chairs are of good quality, their durability and longevity might not be up to your standard. Massage chairs are a long-term investment, so you should choose the one you can trust will last. 

Having a good massage chair doesn’t just help you relax. It can have many health benefits. The best massage chair based on your needs is most important.

In this article, we will go through the different types of massage chairs and how to choose the best one for you. 

What to Consider When Picking Out a Massage Chair for Sale

Are massage chairs good for you? Yes, they offer many health and wellness features, so consider the primary component you are most interested in for yourself or your family. If you require a little more pressure than a rolling ball on your muscles can provide, you need a high-end massage chair. The most relevant reason to buy a massage chair online is simple: it’s incredibly convenient, But if you’re wondering where to try a massage chair, you’ll have to go to a store or in person, or you may choose to try the massage chair for 90 days at  

When looking at how to choose a massage chair, you want to have a clear picture of what you’re looking for:

  • What type of massage does the chair provide: shiatsu, Swedish, or acupressure?
  • How much of your body will the massage chair therapy cover?
  • What’s the quality of the massage you’re getting?
  • What type of rollers and tracks is best for your body type?

Having answers to all of these questions can make choosing the right chair a lot easier.

How are Massage Chairs Good for You, and What Determines the Best Massage Chair?

When you have access to a good massage whenever you might want one, you are regularly keeping your blood flowing in healthier ways you otherwise may not. Massage chairs also can improve your circulation and relieve tension. The results can be incredible, depending on your choice of massage chair. In addition, there are many massage chair benefits, some of which are stress relief and the reduction of frequent migraines. For many, that alone can be life-changing. 

In most cases, there are expertly engineered airbags that inflate with air, squeezing your arms and legs. The choreographed inflation of the airbags is done in a pattern to encourage that healthy blood flow and release deep muscle tension. This type of therapy is beneficial for insomnia, as it lets your body quickly release withheld pressure before bed. 

In addition, increased blood flow can help get more oxygen and nutrients into your muscles, allowing your entire body to reach a higher state of health. 

Knowing your priorities when searching for a chair can help you budget and narrow down options. Define to yourself what features you need: Do you want a heated massage option or a zero-gravity chair How about both? 

Do some research to know the average cost of chairs with these types of features. That way, you can save up for the chair and know when you’re getting a reasonable price.

Your age, activity levels, and injuries are important things to consider. If you can’t handle pressure on any point of your body, keep this area in mind as you shop. You have to choose something that will allow your body to remain untouched. You can sometimes customize the device, so consider your favorite features.

Where to Try a Massage Chair 

Where to try a massage chair? If you’re choosing a massage chair from Furniture For Life, we can help you select a massage chair that’s perfect for you Use our convenient store locator to find a store near you to try out some of our options, or order online and take advantage of the 90-day in-home trial We always recommend trying out a chair before buying, but this option allows you the freedom to return it if it isn’t working for you. 

Still unclear on choosing a massage chair that will meet your needs If you understand that massage chairs are good for you and you’re in the market, try out this quiz to identify your specific needs and make the best buy of a massage chair.

If you’re still wondering where to try a massage chair, at Furniture For Life, we have plenty of massage chairs for sale. We want to do whatever we can to ensure you make a fully informed purchase We hope you now understand how to choose a massage chair that you will enjoy for years. 

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