What is a deep tissue massage? Panasonic MAK1 Massage Chair.

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

If you’ve never experienced a deep tissue massage, you might expect nothing more than a more intense version of a Swedish massage. However, these two common massage modalities aren’t the same thing. When you are experiencing a proper instance of deep tissue massage therapy, you’ll discover that the deep tissue version is more about getting rid of knots and muscle tension rather than relaxation.

When you schedule a deep tissue treatment, you’ll experience a different kind of massage than a traditional Swedish massage. If the massage treatment is done correctly, you’ll likely feel less tense than when you started.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

As the name implies, a deep tissue treatment is a massage where you’re trying to treat soreness with slow, firm pressure. Rather than focus on making you relax, the massage expert will try to get deep into your muscles and find the spots deep inside your body where you’re experiencing the most pain and stiffness.

Getting a massage focusing on deep penetration into your back is very effective. Especially when there’s been an injury of some kind or some long-term knots that have formed, the goal is to break up the scar tissue that causes knots in your back, which is best done with slow, deep strokes. It can take a fair amount longer than a Swedish massage, but the results can be very worth it.

What Should You Expect From A Treatment?

This specific massage modality focuses on getting deep into your back tissue by utilizing slow, deep pressure. It’s normal to expect a little pain and discomfort during your initial experience. That’s because adhesions cause stiffness in your muscles. Breaking these adhesions up to release tension in your back usually does involve some slight discomfort. Throughout your session, a massage therapist will continue to use slow, targeted strokes aimed at breaking apart adhesions and restoring circulation to those sore or painful injured parts of your body.

When left to their own devices, adhesions can lead to inflammation—causing a limited range of motion. So a small amount of discomfort is almost always a small price to pay for restoring flexibility to your back. However, if you do feel this discomfort for longer than a couple of days, you should seek assistance. That isn’t a regular occurrence with deep tissue massage treatments.

What Are The Benefits of a Deep Tissue?

Have you been struggling to get proper rest at night because of sore muscles? A deep tissue massage could be the answer that to your nightly struggle. You will find it easier to rest because of a lack of pain. Moreover, getting deep into the tissue of your back can release serotonin. Serotonin can help you stabilize your mood and improve the quality of your sleep each night.

You’ll also benefit from a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in your lung capacity. When you don’t have proper circulation throughout your body, it’s difficult for your circulatory system to get the right amount of blood to each area of the body, which can cause an increase in your blood pressure. Removing the adhesions that have been causing discomfort can help increase blood flow—making it easier for you to live your daily life as long as your body can handle a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue modality treatment is an excellent way to give your body the treatment it needs to get back to everyday living.

Who Should Get Receive This Type of Massage Therapy?

If you’ve suffered from a sports injury, you should consider getting a deep-tissue massage, especially if you’re feeling pain in the area where you were injured. Scar tissue can restrict your range of motion and cause other long-term issues. So if you’ve been feeling restricted ever since an injury occurred, you should probably consider this kind of massage as part of your recovery process.

If you have chronic low back pain, you should consider this massage modality strongly, as studies have shown that it’s an excellent way to treat your back correctly. In a 2014 study involving those who suffered from chronic lower back pain, the conclusion was that a deep tissue massage was as effective as a non-steroid treatment in properly treating lower back pain. The study further went on to compare a deep tissue massage to Advil and other forms of ibuprofen in terms of providing relief from pain.   So if you’ve been suffering from back pain long-term, this might be the treatment solution you need.

How Often Should You Get Deep-Tissue Massage Therapy?

Getting a professional to treat the reluctant adhesions in your back can make a profound difference by improving your range of motion and decreasing pain. If you’re going deep into your back tissue, you might want to consider a massage once or twice a week. The therapy results are well worth the time and cost.

Suppose you don’t have the time to go to a professional that often. A deep tissue massage chair is the next best solution that gets real-life results. Massage chairs offer you the chance to get massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. So if time is tight, you could get a chair that hits the right spot. All while you’re able to sit down and relax for a bit in your own home.

Getting a Swedish massage or a hot rocks massage might be fun and relaxing. Although if you’re looking to use massage therapy to treat back pain and restore control over your life. A deep tissue massage is your best option. Whether you opt for a sports or injury recovery massage chair in your home or visit a massage chair store location, you’ll give your back the assistance it needs to break up adhesions and stop letting soreness dictate your life.

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