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Do Massage Chairs Work? Myths Busted & Benefits Revealed.

Do Massage Chairs Work? Myths Busted & Benefits Revealed.

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You’re considering a big investment in a massage chair, but you want to know definitively, “Do massage chairs work?” That’s a fair and essential question if you’re considering a massage chair purchase.

Massage chair quality and functionality both cover broad spectrums. Consequently, it’s no surprise that myths and misconceptions have developed through the years—often thanks to chairs at the lower end of the quality and function range, which are marketed and sold by disreputable distributors. 

This article dispels several persistent and damaging massage chair myths. It’s essential reading for anyone researching them. If you are a massage chair shopper, you should keep caveat emptor (or “let the buyer beware”) in mind as you search for a massage chair to meet your needs. Many have been lured away from choosing a  high-quality massage chair by the come-ons and too-good-to-be-true deals trumpeted by unscrupulous sellers. 

Myth 1: A mall or nail salon massage chair is a good representation of the massage chair experience.

There is nothing wrong with getting a quick massage in a chair at the mall or a salon. It might loosen your muscles and help you relax a bit. It may also be a good way to kill some time—that’s often what the mall or salon has in mind. 

However, there is an enormous difference between those chairs, which often are simple devices that may also be “old and tired,” and an advanced massage chair. And that difference is evident in every aspect of the chairs—design, materials, functionality, manufacturing quality, reliability, and more. 

The massage chair you purchase from Furniture For Life for your home, office, or other location features the best of everything. It’s designed by experts to provide lifelike massages and manufactured to exacting standards from the highest-quality materials available. Technically speaking, you can compare any two things. But when it comes to high-end and simple massage chairs, there is almost no comparison. 

So, do massage chairs work? The answer depends on the chair in question, but with a high-quality model, the answer is an unqualified yes. 

Myth 2: There is a direct relationship between massage chair cost and the effectiveness of the massages it delivers. 

The truth behind this myth is somewhat nuanced. It’s true that a chair at the low end of the price spectrum is likely not going to be as effective as one in the middle and upper price ranges. There is a significant and noticeable difference in experience between the lowest-cost chairs and the next level up. 

That said, price is much less important when you restrict your consideration to massage chairs in the mid-to-upper price range. At that point, it’s best to ignore cost and instead focus on the experience that each chair model provides. The chair at the highest price point might be the one that feels best to you and delivers the results you’re seeking. But it could just as easily be that the chair at the bottom of your newly refined price parameters is exactly what you need.

It’s also a good idea to remove features from the equation. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to be swayed by a long list of capabilities, many of which they will seldom, if ever, use. 

Myth 3: Massage chair sessions involve essentially random movements of the chair’s rollers and other components. 

This myth gets at the question, “How do massage chairs work?” The answer is that high-quality chairs have programs carefully developed to simulate the movements of a trained massage therapist’s hands. Some models have more complex choreography than others, but no advanced massage chair has components that move randomly. Every program is designed to deliver a specific experience and help the user achieve different goals. 

The best way to learn about how massage chairs work is to talk with a Furniture For Life Comfort Consultant at one of our showroom locations. They can guide you through demonstration massages in chairs likely to meet your wants and needs, explaining what’s happening throughout each demo. 

Myth 4: Massage chairs are only good for sore muscles. 

This misconception sometimes dampens the enthusiasm of health-conscious shoppers focused on wellness. The truth is that advanced massage chairs can do much more for your health than simply relieve muscle soreness. Don’t get us wrong—they are very effective at reducing muscle pain! In fact, short of having a trained massage therapist on call to assist you in your home 24/7/365, there is probably no better solution for sore muscles than a massage chair. 

But that is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Massage chairs can improve your circulation, help you sleep better, increase the range of motion in your joints, and much more. So, this myth should be considered thoroughly busted. 

Myth 5: Owning a massage chair is an impractical luxury indulgence. 

This misconception may get your attention if you’re a budget-conscious shopper. If you consider getting regular checkups from your doctor or seeing them when you’re sick or injured an indulgence, then perhaps massage chairs can be labeled that way. But most people don’t think of getting the care they need as a luxury. 

A high-quality massage chair can cost anywhere from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. That’s certainly not “pocket change.” But considering that it can help you feel better and enjoy life more for many years, it’s well worth the cost. 

Take active people and athletes, for example. Exercise is a big and meaningful part of their lives—not to mention that it will likely help them be healthier and live longer. Regular in-home massage can reduce post-workout stiffness and soreness, help them recover from injuries quicker, support proper flexibility and range of motion, and more.

As important as physical fitness is to them, they often lean into the question even more, “Do massage chairs really work?” Yes, they do, often far exceeding a user’s expectations. 

Myth 6: You can’t use a massage chair if you are _________ (fill in the blank: pregnant/injured/tall/short/older/…).

The belief that a massage chair isn’t safe for someone who has specific physical characteristics or health issues or statuses (like being pregnant) is largely incorrect. We agree that “discretion is the better part of valor,” so if you have concerns about using a massage chair, we encourage you to talk with a healthcare professional. But generally speaking, sessions in a massage chair are safe for most people. 

That’s especially true since most models have a range of programs and intensities that can meet any need. If a deep tissue massage isn’t ideal for you, for example, you simply don’t select that program. 

This myth brings us back to the question, “Do massage chairs really work for someone like me?” Yes, they probably do. And the previously mentioned chair demos guided by a Comfort Consultant are the best way to answer your question. If your doctor has given you the green light to get massages, the next step is to see if you enjoy and benefit from them.

Massage Chair Myths Were Made To Be Busted!

Owning a massage chair has so many benefits it would be unfortunate if you let one or more unfounded rumors—or an experience in a low-quality massage chair—cause you to question whether a quality product purchased from a reputable seller is a wise purchase. 

What’s more, people talk a lot about the “benefits” of massage chairs—we do it ourselves here at Furniture For Life—but it’s worth remembering that the real, in-person experience of using one is fun, enjoyable, and therapeutic! 

Do massage chairs actually help people achieve specific wellness goals? They sure can! Is a massage chair good for your health? Yes, it is. Plus a session in a massage chair is also a great way to start your day or wind down and calm your mind before climbing into bed. Ask a massage chair owner and they’ll tell you that their massage chair sessions are often the highlight of their day!

So, ignore the misconceptions and visit a Furniture For Life showroom near you to experience (and FEEL for yourself) the truth about massage chairs. And if you encounter a myth that we haven’t busted here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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