Proper Massage Chair Seating Position

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proper massage chair seating

Correct Massage Chair Sitting Position

To receive the proper most effective massage, that is custom-tailored for YOUR body, it is crucial that the owners of these massage chairs follow their specific instructional steps.

Best Massage Chair Sitting Instructions

  1. Sit down and make sure to move your hips back as far into the seat as possible. This will ensure a proper body scan.
  2. Make sure the pillow is in the standard position and not flipped over the back of the chair. The pillow is an important part of the massage, as it will inflate to adjust and expose more of your back to the massage mechanism and points around your shoulders. 
  3. Insert your arms into the arm air cell pockets. So that the arm’s bicep air cell assembly fits comfortably.
  4. Begin any of the six preset programs, then enjoy!

Universal Massage Chair Best Practices and Safety Instructions

Follow the instruction for each specific massage chair seating position and model. It is crucial to receiving the safest, most effective massage. Each individual massage chair uses its very own specific mechanics to complete the massage session. A massage chair owner should never take apart their chair to fix, customize or update their chair, without first contacting the manufacturer or the massage chair store that sold them the product. Trying to fix or customize your own massage chair or an incorrect massage chair seating position could lead to injury. Always check with the manual you received with your product.

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Please carefully review our massage chair return policy, zero gravity recliner return policy, & mattress and bedding return policy

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