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How To Use A Massage Chair Effectively

How To Use A Massage Chair Effectively

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Owning and using an advanced, luxury massage chair provides many benefits. It loosens and relaxes tight muscles, breaks up problematic muscle adhesions, improves circulation, relieves mental and emotional stress, and enhances your overall sense of well-being, to name just a few. But to enjoy all of these advantages, you must know how to use a massage chair effectively. 

Massage chairs (like all electronic devices these days) are getting “smarter” all the time. For example, a growing number of chairs have body scanning capabilities that enable them to detect and adapt to a user’s body characteristics—height, leg length, etc. Still, getting excellent in-home massage therapy is a collaborative effort between you and your massage chair. 

This article provides insights and advice on how to use a massage chair properly, starting with a little background information on the function of massage chairs.

How Does a Massage Chair Work?

Most massage chairs use a roller mechanism, air cells, and a control system that coordinates their movements. The rollers move up and down along a track in the back (and sometimes the seat) of the chair. Meanwhile, air cells provide compression massage for other areas of your body and help change the position of your body so that the roller mechanism can provide a thorough massage. 

In either case, the way you are sitting on a massage chair affects the rollers’ ability to make contact with your body. Consequently, while sitting wouldn’t seem to be an action you need to think about, how you sit in your massage chair does warrant some consideration.

How To Position Yourself in Your Massage Chair

Getting into the proper position for an effective massage will very quickly become second nature. You’ll sit down, select a program, and get started.

But initially, you should be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Set the mood by ensuring lighting and ambient noise levels are not distracting. Once you get settled in your massage chair, you won’t want to get up!
  2. Ensure that back pads and pillows are positioned to your liking. For example, some massage chairs come with removable back pads to help you customize the intensity of your massage. 
  3. Understand your massage chair’s settings and be prepared to make the appropriate selections. This includes primary functionality and features like music, lighting, etc.
  4. Sit down and move your hips back as far into the seat as comfortably possible. 
  5. Let your back, shoulders, neck, and head sit comfortably against the chair. If your chair includes a headrest pillow, make sure that it is placed properly. This will ensure the rollers can make appropriate contact with your body. It also allows for an accurate body scan in chairs that have that capability.
  6. Adjust shoulder air cells so that they will provide compression in the right places when they inflate.
  7. Place your feet and legs fully inside the chair’s footrest, ensuring that none of the air cells are folded.
  8. Insert your arms fully into the arm air cell pockets so that the forearm air cell assembly fits comfortably.

Once you’ve settled into your massage chair, start the desired program, relax, and enjoy the experience as the rollers and air cells do their work.

Understand and Follow Your Chair’s Safety Instructions

Getting a relaxing or invigorating massage also requires that you read the safety instructions that come with your massage chair and follow them. Each manufacturer provides its own advice, but generally speaking, you should: 

  • Plug the massage chair into a wall outlet or, preferably, a surge protector. You should not use an extension cord.
  • Keep the area around your massage chair free of obstructions.
  • Do a quick visual inspection to ensure the chair is undamaged and in good working order. 
  • Keep the chair clean and free of debris.
  • Allow children to use a massage chair only if approved by the manufacturer and with adult supervision throughout the session. 

Any massage chair you purchase from Furniture For Life will meet the highest quality standards and provide many years of service. But if, at any time, your chair shows indications of operating incorrectly, stop your session, unplug the chair, and reach out for support.

Learn How To Use a Massage Chair From the Experts

A critical step in researching and buying a massage chair is talking with one of our Comfort Consultants. They ask questions to understand your needs and help you determine which chairs you should try. They also walk you through how to use massage chairs effectively in your in-store demo sessions. As a result, you’re well positioned (so to speak) to start using your new chair when it arrives! 

But exceptional post-sale support is also a top priority at Furniture For Life. If you ever have questions about how to use or care for your massage chair, we’re happy to answer them. We want your chair to deliver all the benefits you’ve hoped for and more.

 Contact us at your convenience or stop by a Furniture For Life showroom. 

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