What is Smart Massage Therapy?

People use massage chairs for easy access to massage therapy—many of the latest 2022 advanced massage chair models can enhance the standard massage chair benefits and experience even further. But what exactly is smart massage therapy?

Massage chair manufacturers have worked hard to create an experience that matches or exceeds that of a traditional massage. The more authentic experience from a massage chair, the better. Furthermore, with new technologies, enhanced smart massage therapy can even go beyond the capabilities of a regular massage. AI massage, virtual massage, and other new technologies give way to intelligent massage chairs.

Virtual massage technology evolves at a breakneck pace. Thankfully, so do the capabilities of therapeutic in-home massage chairs. So many features and gadgets can set an intelligent massage therapy chair apart from the rest, and we can consider these options “smart therapy.”

Massage therapy has many benefits, including improved posture and innovative technology like AI. Combining these things gives us a unique world of virtual massage and intelligent treatment. Let’s break it down!

Virtual Reality Massage Chair Therapy

One of the exciting innovations in an intelligent massage therapy chair is a virtual reality massage experience. This idea may sound highly futuristic, but it is actually something that was being developed. OHCO, which manufactures the M.8 & M.8LE in Japan, had partnered with the company Esqapes to provide a unique VR massage chair experience.

To be clear, the massage itself is not virtual. But per the collaboration, users can enjoy a massage in an OHCO M.8 massage chair while immersed in a virtual reality setting synced to the massage therapy itself. For instance, users can enjoy a massage while being immersed in a virtual log cabin setting or relaxing on a virtual tropical island. Accompanying sounds and scents enhance the experience, providing an even deeper relaxation experience than most massages can offer.

Smart Massage Chair Therapy

Smart massage therapy also refers to more traditional massage features implemented into massage chairs. These features allow for a customized massage experience tailored to your body and key pressure points. Smart Body Scanning and 4D massage chair rollers innovations also fall into the category of intelligent massage therapy. Since it uses predetermined rhythms to achieve greater fluidity in your muscles like a human massage therapist, when you have a 3D track, the rollers can move up, down, left, right, in, and out. Similarly, 4D introduces another dimension with the addition of rhythm.

Smart Body Scanning and Choreography technology is the key to a massage’s intelligence. This innovation enables the chair to choreograph a personalized massage routine to the shape and contours of your body. Many less expensive massage chair models have rough shakey transitions, while the top, more luxurious models employ a gentle, natural, intelligent transition. With the chairs’ intelligent and careful timing, your massage mimics the carefully learned strokes and pressures of a real masseuse, bringing you an incredibly lifelike experience.

Airbags and air cells are also an essential part of a full-body massage. There are various shapes and sizes of airbags and air cells built into each massage chair, and they often use intentional choreographed patterns to ease your muscles. The air pressure can typically be precisely tuned thanks to intelligent therapy, changing how much they squeeze at your arms and legs. AI massage can do this automatically. Ultimately, a high level of customization becomes possible with intelligent therapy chairs. More customization leads to a completely personalized experience, lowering stress levels, a high recovery rate, better blood circulation, spinal expansion, and daily correction.

ai massage therapy

Virtual Therapy: Benefits of Smart Massage

Improved Blood Circulation

Many other benefits of massage therapy and massage intelligence are hinged on this factor. As unfortunately, poor blood circulation can lead to many health concerns down the line, such as blood clots and plaque buildup within the blood vessels, which leads to the narrowing of these vessels. These symptoms can cause sluggishness, difficulty breathing, and lightheadedness.

Furthermore, the heating components of smart massage therapy chairs can dilate the blood vessels to allow blood flow easier. Blood vessel dilation takes the additional strain off the heart, which allows for an increased state of blood flow. In addition, blood rushes to those areas as the 4D rollers penetrate and move on the fascia. When we look at the combined effects of these factors, we see the most significant benefit to owning smart massage chairs: massive improvement in blood circulation.

The chances of developing a brain degenerating disease decrease significantly when we periodically keep our blood flowing optimally. This improvement in blood circulation helps the heart, the head, and the blood vessels. It can serve as a preventative measure to avoid all kinds of inflammatory and auto-immune issues as we age. It explains why many aging individuals begin to get massaged regularly.

Reduced Stress Levels

An intelligent massage chair is well known to bring recipients to full-body states of relaxation. So often, anxiety results from getting lost in one’s thoughts, and with so much stimulation happening in the body, it can be hard to remain focused. With long and gentle movements, massage chairs can lull users into states of calm rejuvenation.

People often find great comfort in meditation in their virtual therapy chairs, as it can sometimes be challenging to reach a state of profound stillness. Chronic pain can also deter reflection, as the twangs of cramps make it challenging to remain calm. The chair works through muscles, improving circulation. It helps the recipient breathe easily. As a result, they are more able to focus on the intentional filling and emptying of their lungs to meditate.

Better Workout Recovery

Athletes commonly visit a masseuse after sports events or hard workouts to recover at faster rates. A tissue massage in an intelligent massage chair can use virtual muscle therapy to move the acids released when our muscles tear, which is where the burning comes from the next day.

When we can reduce the amount of time spent with sore, burning muscles, we can get back to the workout faster or even take on more challenging activities. This soreness reduction can mean increased muscle buildup with substantially less time aching, which is one of the significant benefits of the smart muscle recovery massage preset.

Better Sleep

Users regularly report being able to sleep through the night more soundly than ever. A better night’s sleep is due to some of the already mentioned factors, like excellent blood circulation and reduced stress. Falling asleep at night can be much easier when we are less stressed out throughout the day. A virtual smart therapy massage chair can help us let go of the tension that we would otherwise bring to bed, which can sometimes cause us to toss and turn all night long.

These are some of the most significant benefits of home massage therapy and the new addition of AI massage chairs. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the perfect chair for a specific body type. Use our Massage Chair Quiz to find an excellent match. We’ve got everything you need for health and wellness furniture, whether you want a therapeutic massage chair, or a posture-improving kneeling chair.

A 90-day massage chair trial allows you to ensure that the therapy is correct before you buy. You might feel a bit wary about such a large purchase without first testing the chair out, and we’ve got you covered there too. You might be able to visit us in person, so check our location list to find a store near you. If not, you might like to contact us to hear more about our 90-day in-home trials. Let us know if you need anything!

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