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What Is a Smart Massage Chair?

People capitalize on massage chairs for convenient, in-home access to massage therapy. While these chairs have always been fun to use and delivered many health and wellness benefits, new “smart” capabilities have enhanced them and improved the massage chair experience. But what is a smart massage chair exactly and what is smart massage therapy?

With the rise of artificial intelligence, you may hear these chairs referred to as AI massage chairs or intelligent massage chairs. Whatever you call them, they have been designed by massage chair manufacturers to create an experience that mimics a traditional massage. The more authentic the experience, the better. 

That was the goal when massage chairs were invented long ago, and with technology available now, it is even more achievable. The new capabilities have enabled what is sometimes called smart massage therapy—a better way to enjoy the many benefits of traditional massage therapy in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Smart Massage Chair Therapy

Smart massage therapy also refers to more traditional massage features being implemented into massage chairs. These features allow for a customized massage experience tailored to your body and key pressure points. 

Body Scan capabilities and 4D massage mechanisms also fall into the category of intelligent massage therapy. Both help the chair provide a highly lifelike massage. 

The chair’s understanding of your shape and position enables it to choreograph a personalized massage routine to the contours of your body. Meanwhile, the 4D mechanism introduces the idea of speed control to the session. (Can 5D massage chairs be far behind? And what advances will they have?)

Many less-expensive massage chair models have rough, shakey transitions between movements.  The top smart massage chairs can make gentle, natural, intelligent transitions. The massage faithfully replicates the carefully learned strokes and pressures used by a massage therapist, delivering highly satisfying sensations and a fantastic overall experience.

Air cells are also an essential part of a full-body smart massage. There are various shapes and sizes of air cells built into massage chairs that have this functionality. The chairs use carefully choreographed patterns to release tension from your muscles. Air pressure  precisely controlled by the chair’s “brain”  enables the cells to squeeze your arms and legs gently but firmly and productively.

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Why You Need a Smart Massage Chair

Regular smart massage therapy can improve the functioning of the body’s systems and reduce symptoms of certain conditions. Some of the most notable benefits are explained below. 

Improved Blood Circulation

Many benefits of using a smart massage chair stem from improvements in blood circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to several health concerns, including blood clots and plaque buildup within the blood vessels, which causes narrowing. The results can be sluggishness, difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, and other issues as the blockage increases.

A smart massage chair’s movements, combined with the heating capabilities of some models, can dilate the blood vessels to enable blood to flow easier. Blood vessel dilation also takes strain off the heart, which is important. In addition, when blood is freed to move more easily to affected areas, it does a better job of delivering vital nutrients to tissues and removing waste. 

Not surprisingly, optimized blood flow may play a role in reducing the risk of many types of diseases, from inflammatory conditions to auto-immune and tissue degeneration disorders. The full extent of the impact is not yet known, but suffice it to say that keeping your blood flowing smoothly is essential to good health.  

Reduced Stress Levels

Intelligent massage chairs are known to bring recipients to wonderful states of full-body relaxation, which is vital in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure world. So often, our anxieties are amplified when we get lost in our thoughts, which is easy to do when we experience excessive stimulation from our tense and uncomfortable bodies. Massage chair sessions can relax the body, reduce pain and discomfort, and, in turn, calm the mind. Smart massage chairs have the features, functions, and programs needed to help users release their stress. 

Better Workout Recovery

Athletes commonly visit a massage therapist after sports events or hard workouts to recover faster. A smart massage chair can serve the same purpose. The carefully choreographed movements aid the body in removing lactic acid released when our muscles experience micro-tears from strenuous activity. That acid is largely responsible for the burning sensation experienced in the few days after a workout. 

And, of course, reducing the amount of time spent nursing sore, burning muscles, helps us get back to our workouts faster or even take on more challenging activities. Consequently, people who use massage chairs regularly may have an advantage when it comes to building muscle and increasing strength. 

Better Sleep

Smart massage chair users regularly report being able to fall asleep faster and sleep through the night more soundly. The benefits outlined above help explain this improvement. When you are less physically and emotionally stressed, have less pain, and enjoy better circulation, restful sleep simply comes more naturally. 

Massage chair users also find that sleeping better can kick off a positive improvement loop. You sleep better so you have more energy. When you have more energy, you can be more committed to your workouts. Workouts help you release stress which, when coupled with another massage, helps you sleep better. And so it goes!

See Just How Smart a Massage Chair Can Be

If the description of smart massage chairs in this article piques your interest, you really need to experience the latest models in person. You will be amazed when you visit the Furniture For Life location near you and talk with one of our Comfort Consultants. Not sales reps in the traditional sense, their role is more of an educator/tour guide. 

They start by learning about your wants and needs. Then, they develop a list of the smart massage chairs best suited for your needs and walk you through “test drives” of each. Along the way, they describe each chair’s features and, crucially, how the functions contribute to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 

Whether you are eager to purchase a massage chair soon or just want to know more about the latest technology, a trip to your local Furniture For Life location is always worthwhile!

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